Making Your Dream Vacation A Reality In Phuket

To say that Phuket is enchanting would be an understatement; some call it “heaven on earth” and for good reason, with destinations that will bring you bliss and happiness, married with relaxation, what could be more joyful? Next Dream Vacation…

Once In A Lifetime Destinations

There are some places on earth that are a “must see” at least one time your life; they need to be checked off of your bucket list and cherished. Destinations that are mind-blowing and life-altering. Three such destinations are located in Phuket and they are second to none when it comes to paradise.

Kata Beach

Kata Beach

Glorious Kata is a picturesque delight in all of its splendor; beautiful palm trees lined up like gems, they’re simply beautiful. The water is crisp and clear, waves kissing the pavement, Kata Beach is awe-inspiring with its lovely white sand.  This little beach town is favored by couples and families as well as surfers during the months of May and October.

Kata Beach is a charming treat, a small beach town that’s close to Phuket without the noise.  You can take a shuttle into town, or stick around, Kata Beach has a small row of bars, all friendly, various restaurants serve both Thai and international delicacies and are aligned along the southern part of the beach. Best of all, if you get hungry, at lunch there’s no need to leave your sunbed, vendors come around offering sandwiches and pizzas as well as other snacks.

Places to see and things to do in Kata Beach

  • The Surf House is a family friendly, surf club on the beach; it comes equipped with its own bar and bistro and also includes a retail outlet. The best feature is their “Double Flower Rider” that allows you to surf non-stop, to your heart’s content. You can sit back and enjoy internationally-renowned chef cuisines and kick back with a variety of cocktails as you take it all in. A beachfront adventure to remember!
  • Water Sports are also plentiful; over on the north end, you’ll find great snorkeling, kayaks, and Para-sailing. You can also rent Windsurfers as well as  Hobie Cats by the hour and there are various Scuba Shops with day-trips at every hour of the day, all week long.
  • Kok Chang Safari Elephant Trekking which has a spectacular, scenic ocean view and tropical jungle overlooking Kata Noi Bay. They offer an array of jungle routes that are experienced while riding a magnificent Elephant anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the route.  The guides are fully trained in handling the Elephants and will guide you through the jungles abundant beauty, stopping on picturesque spots along the way so that you can capture its beauty. You’ll have the option of stopping over at the Banana Kiosk to both observe and feed the Elephants at no additional charge.
  • Cooking Classes are available as well; either at Thai Cooking Class Kata or at The Curry Cooking School, where you’ll learn how to prepare delicious Thai|Indian dishes that you can enjoy making when you leave this paradise.
  • Restaurants, Nightlife and Shopping choices are numerous and plentiful, beachfront cuisine is not only delicious, but it’s also affordable and comes with a view.  You can stop at the Art Space Gallery and Music Bar to have amazing cocktails, grab some art and maybe a tattoo, or swing by any number of beachfront locations to get fill your belly with awesomeness. If you get in the mood for some retail therapy, there are plenty of boutiques, shops, and even tailors nearby.

Kata Noi Beach

Kata Noi Beach

Kata Noi Beach is a quaint destination tucked into a beach-side inlet, mere minutes from Kata Beach, just over a mound. This serene little seaside location is perfect for relaxation, it’s easy to get lost in your thoughts while strolling along the delicate sands. Kata Noi Beach provides gorgeous views that span across all three bays, Karon, Kata Beach, and Kata Noi and is only minutes away.

Kata Noi Beach is a small, intimate beach with fantastic accessibility to the local facilities and nearby nightlife. The beach is clean and peaceful; you can rent private beds throughout the day. Vendors are readily available with fruits and drinks upon arrival and there are numerous shops, massage locations, and food within walking distance. You can even grab a beer at the Thai 7-11. The atmosphere is relaxed, the water is a warm blue and the waves are perfect for surfing and wading.

Places to see and things to do in Kata Noi Beach

  • Water Sports are one of the most accessible activities in Kata Noi Beach; the beach is perfect for para-sailing and jet ski’s, everyone loves the Banana Boat and getting towed through the beautiful water on the inflatable. Hang on tight! Rentals for both kayaks and Hobie Cats are readily available, life-jackets are a must. Snorkeling is such a treat with all of the colorful fish and even some coral, you can easily rent equipment nearby. Surfing is a spectacular sight from May to October, the ideal season for those magnificent waves.
  • Restaurants, Nightlife, and Shopping are also in full stock; there are a handful of local restaurants that serve affordable dishes, both Thai and International delights. For finer dining, there are plenty of resort restaurants that offer exceptional cuisines. Just over the hill, you’ll find bars and restaurants that play live music and offer a vibrant nightlife. You’ll find shops nearby and even a tailor, but for more of a variety, head over the hill to Kata Beach.

Karon Beach


Exquisite Karon Beach is the largest beach on the west side of Phuket; its vast landscape is adorned with a landscaped biking and jogging path. What stands out the most is the white of the sand against the beautiful, clear blue water. Karon Beach is world-renowned for its beauty, massive blue waves and is the perfect setting for both glasses of water sports and long-boats. There are numerous hand-craft shops, cafes, and restaurants with a handful of bars for your convenience.

This expansive beach is perfect for privacy as it can be isolated at times; with spectacular sunsets and unique white sand, it’s a romantic location to have all to yourself. You’ll find single row’s of sun beds that can be rented daily and while there aren’t any bathroom facilities on the beach, numerous restaurants adjacent to the beach are very accommodating.

Places to see and things to do in Karon Beach

  • Water Sports are plentiful at Karon beach with jet-ski and para-sailing operators walking around, you can easily find a vendor and Karon is a more spacious beach, which makes it ideal for both of these activities. Karon Beach is also excellent for water-skiing and wake-boarding, with Hobie Cats and Kayak rentals if you’re feeling adventurous. Not to be left out, snorkeling can be found over at the south end with equipment beach-side rentals and as the day progresses and the sun goes down, it’s easy to catch up on a game of volleyball.
  • Elephant Trekking in Karon is operated by Kok Chang Elephant Camp; the jungle and mountains in its backdrop are fantastic, with stunning views all around. There are a total of 7 elephants for three tour options that last anywhere from 20 to 50 minutes depending on the tour.
  • Mini Golf courtesy of Dino Park Mini Golf is a great attraction; with a Dinosaur theme, 18-holes and an erupting volcano, you can’t go wrong. If you happen to get hungry, they have an excelling restaurant as well
  • Wat Suwan Khiri Ket (or Wat Karon) is a must-see; Karon stretches out over a vast area, nonetheless, the village’s temple is a heartbeat away, close to all the other treasures including hotels and shopping facilities. There are various beautiful statues like the two giant snakes guarding the temples main hall, regal Buddha statues as well as art and paintings.  All of this complimented by the fact that located inside the temple is a rare black Buddha statue in addition to various colorful statues of mythical monsters that date back to Thai’s folklore.
  • Restaurants, Nightlife, and Shopping are a treat; the famed Karon Market is situated on the very grounds of the Karon Temple, it is a popular attraction that attracts dozens of people Tuesday’s through Saturday’s. It’s worth the trip and loads of fun can be had, you’re sure to fund some unique and unusual items to take back home. You can also try out the food at the foot of the temple where the vendors are set up, there will be some wonderful flavors to fill your palate. Later, for dinner you will have tons of locations to chose from, the selection is wide and the quality is great with both local and international cuisine. When it’s time to unwind, the nightlife is waiting with plenty of bars and lounges to choose from. Enjoy some music, kick back with a few drinks and play some bar game.
  • Indulge and Relax with a Yoga Class, Cooking Class or Spa and Thai Massages nearby, go ahead, you deserve it.

All three of these locations are centrally close to one another as well as accessible to each other rather quickly and with relative ease. With so many attractions, activities, dining, and shopping; this short read are not nearly enough to cover the riches of these enchanting locations.  There is so much more to see; if you’re planning a trip to Phuket and want to experience the magic that Kata Beach, Kata Noi Beach or Karon Beach have to offer, contact us at Phuket On, we are excited to share all of the beauty and benefits of visiting Phuket and can help you plan the trip of a lifetime.

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