When Is The Best Time To Visit Phuket?

Are you wondering when you should book your trip to beautiful Phuket? It turns out that there really is no wrong time to visit – and the best time depends on your own personal preferences, what you like to do, and your budget. Phuket is a year-round destination so whenever you go, you’re sure to have an amazing time with some hot weather. But the climate does vary depending on the month you visit – read our guide to traveling to Phuket throughout the year and enjoy your vacation to the max.

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Visiting Phuket in January

January is the most popular month for overseas tourists to visit Phuket. Thousands of people travel here to escape the winter in the northern hemisphere and with good reason – the average high temperature is 31 degrees C and the average low is a balmy 23 degrees C. Travel to Phuket in January and you can enjoy days with very little rainfall, low humidity, and brilliant blue skies. The seas are calm and good for swimming, and the nightlife is in full swing.

Phuket in February

February is almost as popular with visitors as January. You have a great chance of perfect weather with a high of 32 degrees C. The sun shines most days and there is little humidity. The towns and villages are full of people and there is a lively program of activities.

Going to Phuket in March

March is when Phuket starts getting hotter. Temperatures creep up to a max of 33 degrees C – ideal if you are looking for some tropical heat. Sunny days are a given, and there is little rainfall. March is slightly off-season so you may get a better deal on hotel rooms. The ocean is perfect for diving and swimming.

Phuket in April

April is the hottest part of the year in Phuket. Also, in April Thailand celebrates the Songkran Water Festival. The festival is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and draws people from all over the world to join in the wet celebrations. If you’re looking for peace and quiet, this is not the time to come but if you want a fun time, it’s ideal. However, you can find peaceful hotels far away from the main beaches and bars.

Phuket in May

The temperature in May drops slightly and humidity rises a little. May is one of the wettest times to visit but the showers are normally short and you will see the sun brightly shine in between the rain. Find plenty of good deals in May outside of peak season.

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lkunl / freedigitalphotos.net

Visiting Phuket in June

June still sees rain but there is a good possibility you will experience some dry and sunny periods every day. During this month you’ll see cheaper flights, no crowds, and peaceful beaches.

July in Phuket

July is similar to June – sunny days and some rain showers. This is the low season so you’ll still find good deals on accommodation. Nightlife is quieter but there is still a whole lot going on. The seas are rougher which makes it perfect for surfing.

Phuket in August

Rain, when it comes in August, is in short sharp bursts. August is a pleasant time to visit Phuket as you get a calm, peaceful experience and plenty of space to relax and unwind. You’ll have some rain but you’ll also enjoy some sunny days.

September in Phuket

Generally speaking, September is the wettest month in Phuket and there is a lot of humidity. However, if you travel to Phuket in September you will get personalized attention from the business owners, and a relaxed nightlife with lots of specials. Explore the shops and other indoor activities when it rains.

October in Phuket

October may still be rainy but there’s much less of it around than in September. As the weather improves, tourist numbers increase but this is still a calm month. If you want to get away from it all, find a great deal on a hotel during October.

Visiting Phuket in November

November is considered the start of high season in Phuket but there is still a fair amount of rain about. Later in the month tends to be drier. Tourist numbers pick up but Phuket is still pleasantly uncrowded. Scuba diving season begins once more.

Phuket in December

With the rainy season over and crowds arriving for Christmas and New Year, December is a vibrant and exciting time to visit Phuket. Come in December if you want the complete party experience or to soak up the sun on the beaches.

So when do you want to come? If you’re inspired to plan your trip to the sunshine paradise of Phuket, contact us at Phuket On for planning help and advice. Whenever you decide to visit, Phuket is waiting for you with Phuket On. Or grab Your Hotel Room with Best Price Guarantee right here: https://www.phuketon.com/best-hotel-deals/

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