When Is The Best Time to Visit Laos?

Laos is not the best-known country in Southeast Asia but perhaps it deserves to be. Whether you want world-class trekking, stunning natural scenery, adventure, beaches, or culture, there is always a best time to visit Laos. But are there any particularly good months to travel to Laos? What’s the weather like in the summer in Laos? Is the winter a good time to visit Laos?

When Is The Best Time to Visit Laos?

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January in Laos

If you travel to Laos in January you can expect dry weather, on the whole, with the temperatures set at a comfortable level. There will be the chance that you feel cold in the evenings as you get to the north of the country, but take layers and you will not suffer. This month is a good one for exploring the Mekong River as the waters are high.

Laos in February

As the month progresses, the temperatures remain comfortable and the weather remains dry. The river levels remain high, and it can still be cold up north – much the same as the picture in January.

Laos in March

This is also part of the dry season in Laos but the temperature is rising in March and it can reach up to 30 degrees C, with cooler temperatures in the mountains of the north. It is a good idea to head to higher altitudes in this month since it can get very hot in the lowlands. You can still travel by river although the water levels are falling a little in March. The religious festival Boun Pha Vet is held in March and is celebrated across the country.

April in Laos

April sees the end of the dry season, and as such, there is the small possibility of some rain appearing towards the end of April. The water levels in the rivers are now at their lowest, which means that traveling by river could be tricky. Temperatures reach their highest, so trekking in the lowlands can be uncomfortable. Lao New Year is held in April and this is a good chance to celebrate with local people all over the country.

When Is The Best Time to Visit Laos?

Laos in May

While you may get some dry weather at the beginning of the month, rain is coming and by the end of the month will certainly have arrived. It’s hot and humid. There is also the Rocket Festival, which is celebrated in May or June, which calls for lots of fireworks to call for rain.

June in Laos

This is the rainy season, so you will encounter showers as the rain comes to the whole of the country starting in the south. The showers are generally short and in the north, there is less rain.

Going to Laos in July

The temperatures remain high during July and this is a full-on rainy season, but temperatures do tend to drop a little in the south. There is a great deal of lovely greenery around as the rain helps the foliage grow, and the waterfalls look great.

Laos in August

This is the month of peak rainfall and after this, it starts to ease off. River levels begin to rise and the rain really covers the whole of the country, while showers get a bit longer. Temperatures fall across the country.

September in Laos

It’s still rainy in September but that doesn’t mean you can’t travel to Laos in this month. Just be prepared for the rain in among the sunshine. If you are looking for the best scenery this is one of the best months, because the waterfalls are full and the greenery is intense.

October in Laos

Rainfall starts to slide away from a little, and the country still looks leafy and beautiful.

Visiting Laos in November

November is a great month to visit as the river levels are high but the rainfall has disappeared mostly across the country. The temperature will most likely to be warm and comfortable, and the scenery will still look splendid.

Laos in December

December almost matches November in terms of dry weather and warm temperatures, good river levels, and nice scenery.

When is the Best Time to Visit Laos?

So, to sum up, possibly the best time to visit this country is between the months of October and April. During this time you can expect dry weather, and the weather is normally warm. If, however, you are most interested in seeing the country from its many waterways, it is a good idea to visit during November, December or January. The Mekong River is high at this time and you’ll not experience any problems traveling along it.

During May through to October, you will experience the so-called “Green Season” in Laos. This is when the weather is more showery and wet, although showers are generally confined to the afternoons and are short in duration.

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