What to Take on a Vacation to Phuket

If you are getting ready for a trip to Phuket you will be pleased to know that you can travel light. You can buy most things you need in Phuket, from clothes to spare batteries, basic medical supplies to electronic goods. So if you forgot something, you don’t need to worry. But there are some things you can pack in your suitcase to make your trip go more smoothly. Here’s what you need to include in your luggage when you are traveling to the island of Phuket, Thailand.

Image via digitalart / freedigitalphotos.net
Image via digitalart / freedigitalphotos.net

Clothes for the Phuket Climate

It will come as no surprise when we advise you to pack clothes that are light and causal. Phuket is hot pretty much all year so you need loose-fitting garments in breathable fabrics. T-shirts, skirts and long pants along with vest tops, swimwear, sandals, and shirts for the evening when it can get a little cooler. It is a good idea to take some sports sandals or sturdy sandals as flip flops are not idea on the uneven footpaths and in a Thai downpour they become slippery and dangerous.

Photocopy of Your ID and Other Documents

You should carry your passport with you all the time as a foreigner in Thailand but you will probably leave it in the hotel safe most days because it is unsafe to have it on the beach, or in busy tourist areas. You need to carry a photocopy, however, so that if you are asked for your ID the copy will satisfy the official, at least in the meantime while you fetch the original from your hotel. It is also a good idea to have a copy in case you do lose your passport and you can more easily get a new one from the embassy. Also have photocopies of your travel insurance details, and your photo driver’s license and bank card.

A Pen and Some Paper or Notebook

While most things nowadays can be completed electronically, there are still moments where you need the traditional pen and paper. One of these moments comes before you are due to disembark the plane on your arrival in Thailand. You need to fill out an arrival card – make the process of landing a little less stressful and have a pen in your hand luggage so you can fill out the card on the plane. If you leave it to standing in line you risk running out of time and being sent to the back, resulting in a longer wait than is necessary. You may also want a notebook when you are in Phuket to jot down the address of a good restaurant, or to write down the address of your hotel in Thai so you can show it to the driver of your taxi.

Power Adapter for Thailand

The voltage in Thailand is 220 volts and many countries have the same. If you do not have the same then you will need a voltage converter. You will also need a plug adapter because the plug outlets in Thailand have two flat pins or two round pins rather than three pins. While you can buy these adapters in Phuket it is helpful to bring one with you so you can charge your phone as soon as you get into the hotel.

Mosquito Repellent

Again, you can buy mosquito repellant in Phuket but you may need some with a high DEET content as the mosquitos in Thailand can be a problem. Apply mosquito repellant when you go out in the evening, and when you are heading into the countryside or being beside water. Malaria is not a problem on Phuket but bites are annoying so make sure you have screens on your windows and spray the room before you go to sleep.

Thai Phrasebook or Smart Phone App

You don’t necessarily need to have a phrasebook as most locals will speak enough English for you to be able to get everything done. However, there may be a time when you need more detailed vocabulary or you may want to talk a little with the local people. A smartphone app is ideal as you can input words and phrases and receive a translation on the spot.

Image via Mister GC / freedigitalphotos.net
Image via Mister GC / freedigitalphotos.net

Travel Medical Kit

You can buy the basics in Phuket but get prepared and travel with a kit that includes medication for diarrhea and upset stomachs, band aids, bandages, antiseptic spray, motion sickness tablets, a thermometer, and any prescription medication that you need.

Make sure you are booked into the right hotel in the best area for your needs with help from PhuketOn. Phuket is a big island so being in the best location helps you enjoy a better vacation. Find accommodation, track down the best restaurants and learn more about Phuket with PhuketOn – your guide to Phuket and beyond.

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