What’s in Your Suitcase for Your Amazing Trip to Thailand: Part 2

In the second part of our article on successful packing for your trip to Thailand, look at what you need to take in your medicine bag, carry-on, and suitcase, so you are prepared for everything the country offers. Don’t forget – packing important only is better than packing everything. You can find a lot of what you need on sale in the local stores, and laundry services for your clothes are plentiful and cheap. Here are some ideas for luggage essentials for your trip:

What to Pack for a Trip to Thailand: Medicines

You don’t need to travel with a complete medical kit with something to treat every ailment because Thailand is well-provided with pharmacies and hospitals. Unless you go off the beaten track, you will always be close enough to a pharmacy for the essentials. Many doctors and pharmacists also speak English, making it easier to find what you are looking for.

If you have tried-and-true remedies and products that you need, make sure to take them as you often cannot be fussy about which bands you find in Thailand. Similarly, take prescription medication with you as it can be difficult to pick this up when you are in the country. But things like band-aids and aspirin you will easily find.

What to Pack for a Trip to Thailand: Shoes

Trip to Thailand

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Leave heavy, hot, and bulky shoes at home. Even hiking in the jungle, you will not need hiking boots. If you are going to be active on rough terrain, a well-made pair of sports sandals or a robust pair of trainers is better.

The best footwear for the beach and city sightseeing in Bangkok is a pair of flip-flops or simple, comfy sandals. You could also go with a simple pair of slip-on closed-toe shoes that will allow you to enter temples and give you more protection against the elements. If you want to go out to dinner in the evening or like something a bit fancier for a special occasion, take simple dress shoes or more brilliant sandals.

What to Pack for Trip to Thailand: Electronics

Your cell phone is probably going to be an essential item. When you stay in a hotel or resort in Thailand, you are sure to be able to charge your phone whenever you want to. Still, if you are staying in a more remote place or traveling around a lot, it is a good idea to take a battery charger that doesn’t rely on electric power. Other essential electronic items will depend on your life and your habits.

An excellent digital camera is necessary, and you may want to take your laptop. But beware of taking too many expensive electronic gadgets. While Thailand is a relatively safe place to travel, there are incidents of theft from buses, on public transport, in bars, and from hotel rooms. Use the hotel safe to store things you are not using.

Take some travel adaptors with you to plug in your chargers and gadgets. Check your home country whether your plug shape will fit with Thai shapes. It doesn’t hurt to buy a universal adaptor, especially if traveling through other countries where you are unsure what the plug requirements are.

Take care of the voltage issue. In Thailand, the electric system is 220 volts, while in the US and Canada, it is 110 volts. Many electronic gadgets will work with the 220-volt system as they are dual voltage, but it makes sense to check before you go; otherwise, you will need to bring a voltage converter.

Thai beach

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How to Pack Your Carry-On Bag for a Trip to Thailand

Take a carry-on bag that you can use as a beach bag or a daypack in Bangkok. You’ll save space in your luggage.

You’ll probably have to take a long flight to get to your Thai destination so pack all the little things that make the flight more comfortable and easier to sleep, like a good travel pillow, eye mask, earplugs, and plenty of water. Stock up on snacks, take your tablet loaded with games or reading materials, and pack a few books. If you want to travel into the country with some Thai baht, you can, but it is simple to exchange currency when you get to the airport or withdraw cash from ATMs. Don’t carry large amounts of cash in Thailand – it is unnecessary and could be a problem.

Take a look at what to pack for a trip to Thailand at Koh Samui Sunset – tips and tricks for travel.

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