What’s in Your Suitcase for Your Amazing Trip to Thailand: Part 1

Don’t panic! You may be sitting in your bedroom with mountains of clothes piled up on the bed, struggling to decide which to pack and what shoes to include for your trip to Thailand. Should you consolidate your umbrella? What about cosmetics? How much should you take? Take a deep breath – packing for Thailand is simple. Here are a few tips for what you need and what you don’t do on your Thai vacation.

Trip to Thailand

What to Pack for a Trip to Thailand: Clothes

Most people in Thailand tend to dress conservatively and modestly, and although tourists can get away with showing a lot more flesh, it still helps to be relatively covered up in your dress. If you are in a resort on Koh Samui or at the hotel pool, it is acceptable to wear very little, but walking around Bangkok, you need to be a bit more conservative. But the main thing to remember is to pack for the climate.

It is hot in Thailand – and your clothes should be made from thin, breathable fabrics that keep you more relaxed and don’t add to the sense of heat you feel when you step outside. Cotton is an ideal fabric, as its linen or clothing is made from new, manufactured materials designed to take sweat away from the body. Avoid any other synthetic fabrics like polyester, as these will make you feel too hot and sticky for comfort.

Pack a few light cotton tops – collared shirts, tank tops, T-shirts, etc., depending on your style. You may need a light sweater or a cardigan if you are traveling on a trip to Thailand when the climate is slightly more relaxed at night or when there is a more fabulous day of rain.

Don’t take any jeans – you will find these too restrictive and hot. Women should take skirts, shorts, and Capri pants. Men will most often wear shorts, sometimes long pants in a light and breathable fabric. If you want to visit the spa in Thailand or get a Thai massage, pack some comfortable leggings, sweatpants, or yoga pants and an old T-shirt, so you are comfortable during treatments and when you are within the spa itself.

A trip to Thailand essential must be a good hat – the bigger, the better, and the more coverage it provides, the better. The sun is intense, and you don’t want to get sunstroke. You should also definitely include some good-quality sunglasses. Of course, you’ll be able to pick up sunglasses in Thailand but if you have a favorite pair, bring them.

Thai Temples

If you are visiting any Thai temples – and you should, at least once – then you need to include more modest clothing in your bag. Women need a long skirt or pants, long men pants, and both should pack something that covers the shoulders and upper arms. Also, closed-toe shoes are helpful. If you don’t have anything, you can use a sarong or pashmina to cover up, but it is best to be a bit more prepared.

Thailand: Rain Gear?

Because it does rain in Thailand, does that mean you’ll need your umbrella or your waterproof jacket? An umbrella is a good idea but doesn’t take any coat that is even the slightest bit heavy. You will start cooking inside it as the temperatures are relatively high, even in a rainstorm. A lightweight jacket or a rain poncho may be helpful when traveling in the rainy season.

Pack Light When Traveling to Thailand

Because it is so quick, cheap, and easy to wash your clothes in Thailand, there is no need to bring tons of stuff. Pack lightly and clean your things regularly. You will not go wrong if you get a small number of your favorite clothes in high-quality, fantastic fabrics.

Phuket boats

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Packing Toiletries for a Trip to Thailand

You can find most of what you need in cosmetics when you get to Thailand, but there are some things you should stock up on and bring with you as they are challenging to find here. Bring your favorite branded cosmetics if you don’t want to use generics, and take spray deodorant, strong bug spray, and your favorite shampoo. If you have sensitive skin, make sure you bring cosmetics to suit your condition as they are very hard to find in Thailand.

It is also a good idea to bring sunscreen because it is not particularly cheap in Thailand. One other thing to think about when you buy products in Thailand – many brands of moisturizer, body lotion, and gels contain whitening agents. You may not realize it, as the brands are the same as in the West.

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