Weather in Hua Hin: What to Expect

The reason Hua Hin, located around 200km from Bangkok, was selected as the royal resort is for its climate. The climate and weather in Hua Hin are preferable to the climate in Bangkok and other resorts in Thailand – although if you are not used to the heat, it will come as a bit of a shock! Hua Hin is centrally located in Thailand and has three distinct seasons. And what’s more, due to its location, Hua Hin has significantly lower rainfall than other areas in the country. Find out more about Hua Hin and its climate in this handy article.

Hua Hin Travel Tips
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Hua Hin Dry Season

While all the seasons tend to vary in terms of when they arrive each year, it is true that the cool, dry season in Hua Hin is generally from November through February. The nights can get pretty cold during the dry season so make sure you take a few warmer layers for eating out or walking around the town. The sunshine during the day is warm but not as hot as at other times of the year. During the dry season, you can expect – as the name suggests – very little rain. However, it is not unheard of. The tides are usually high and there can be strong winds during the afternoons at this time of year. The dry season is a good time to visit Hua Hin as you will experience sunshine and pleasant temperatures without the humidity or the strong temperatures at other times of the year.

Hua Hin Hot Season

From March to June is described as the hot season in Hua Hin. During this time of year, the average daily temperature is 29 degrees C, but the temperature can hit 35 degrees C or even higher – you must expect high temperatures when you come to Hua Hin in March, April, May or June. You can also expect hot nights – the temperature doesn’t drop much after the sun goes down, and the humidity at night can be high. You may also experience windy afternoons. Rain is not too common although towards the end of June there will be more showers and you can expect them to arrive in the afternoon or early evening.

Hua Hin Wet Season

From July through to October Hua Hin has its wet season. But this time is still a good time to visit the resort town. You can enjoy practically any activity and you won’t be held back by the rain. Hua Hin does not experience the same kind of downpours as the north of Thailand or the south – the showers are not so heavy and they are usually short-lived. The average amount of rainfall during the wet season is 200mm per month. Temperatures during the wet season in Hua Hin are high and average around 28 degrees C. But the humidity in the evening and at night is lower than during the hot season. Sometimes there will be clouds in the morning but these will soon burn away and you will be left with hot sunshine. One of the benefits of visiting during the rainy season is that there are fewer people and you will benefit from reduced rates in hotel rooms and resorts. During other times of the year, rooms can be more expensive.

Hua Hin Travel Tips
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When is the Ideal Time to Visit Hua Hin?

The best time of year to visit Hua Hin, looking at the climate, is between December and February. The temperatures are not sky-high and there is less rain. Of course, this is also high season so resorts and hotels in Hua Hin may be booked a long time in advance.

It is a good idea to book a hotel room with air conditioning and a good fan, whenever you come – the humidity can be high all through the year and if you are not used to it, can become tiring. What should you pack when you visit Hua Hin? Light clothes that are quick to dry, and some layers for the evening time. A good pair of waterproof sandals are ideal for the beach and also when walking in the rain as the sidewalks can become slippery after a shower. A sarong for the beach and some good quality sunglasses are essential. You should also make sure to pack your sun protection and a good hat for keeping cool when you are sunbathing and sightseeing.

Whenever you visit Hua Hin you can expect a relaxing, comfortable vacation – even when the rain comes, it doesn’t hang around for long and you can enjoy the beach and Hua Hin’s other attractions at any time of the year.

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