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Travel Tips: Seven Days in Phuket

It’s your first time in Phuket and you’ve arrived at your hotel but you have no idea what to do next. Of course, you could spend all your time at the resort pool with a few trips to the beach thrown in and that would be great – but what if you want to see a bit more of Phuket? Here are our suggestions for a seven-day stay in Phuket that covers all the bases.

Travel Tips: Seven Days in Phuket

Promthep Cape

Phromthep Cape/ Image via Del Adams/ Flickr


Day One: Island Tour

One of the best ways to start a stay in Phuket is to take a tour of the island. Of course, you’re not going to see it all in one day but renting a car and driving the west coast of the island will give you a view of the truly stunning parts of Phuket. Renting a car means you can stop where and when you want, and it gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace. If you don’t want to rent a car then there are options to take an organized tour that will drive you to the beauty spots and beaches on the west coast, or you could hire a taxi or motorbike. Start at the south of the island at Phromthep Cape (a great viewpoint) and continue upwards to Surin Beach.


Day Two: Get Out to the Islands

Phuket boasts some gorgeous islands just off the coast that are perfect for exploring on a day trip. In particular, the Phi Phi Islands are fantastic or you could take a tour to visit the islands in Phang Nga Bay. Phi Phi has some of the most beautiful locations you will ever see, including the location where they filmed The Beach. Phang Nga Bay is packed with towering limestone cliffs rising out of the water and also boasts a floating village and some great snorkeling opportunities. You can take a speedboat tour, a longtail boat, a Chinese junk, or even explore some of the area on your own in a sea canoe.

Day Three: Relax on the Beach

After all that activity the first two days, now is your day of complete relaxation on the beach close to your resort. Depending on where you stay you will have your pick of a gorgeous white sand beach – some areas are quieter and more secluded than others so if you want peace then choose a resort or hotel in the less developed parts of the island.

Day Four: Discover Phuket Old Town

Jump on a tour bus or hire a car to visit Phuket Old Town. This part of Phuket has historic links to the tin mining boom back in the day, and many of the original shophouses and homes are still there – restored and beautiful. Walk round to see the mansions, browse the small shops, and have a drink and some food at one of the many restaurants or cafes in the town.

Day Five: Indulge at a Spa

It’s time for some relaxation again! Phuket is famed for its spas and there are many high-quality day spas to choose from on the island. Your resort may have a spa of its own or there is a wide selection available offering massage, saunas, hydrotherapy, wraps, facials and more. Check out what’s on offer and create your own ideal spa day complete with a healthy lunch then drinks by the pool in the evening.

Travel Tips: Seven Days in Phuket


Krabi/ Image via Mike Behnken/ Flickr


Day Six – Go to Krabi

Krabi Province is easily accessed on a speedboat tour or by longtail boat. Krabi is a beautiful area of Thailand with outstanding natural features like beautiful beaches, intriguing caves, and a rugged coastline. It is well worth taking a day or two in Krabi if you have the time.

Day Seven – Tour Phuket’s Natural Features

Phuket has a wealth of natural features and viewpoints including several waterfalls. Particularly, the Bang Pae, Tonsai and Kathu waterfalls are worth a look – particularly in the rainy season. If you want to see the island from up high, go to one of the viewpoints like Panwa Viewpoint, Rang Hill Viewpoint, or Kata Viewpoint.

Phuket Evening Entertainment

In the evening you’ve got plenty of choices for entertainment. For a big-ticket night out, go to the Phuket FantaSea show on one of your evenings in Phuket. This spectacular encompasses not only the show, which has dancers, animals, performers, and magic, but also there is a buffet, a shopping outlet, and street shows. The Simon Cabaret, with its transvestite dancers, is another must-watch Phuket entertainment. If you want to chill out and relax then the malls in Phuket have movie theaters showing the latest releases (often in English) and food courts for a meal.

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