Top 10 Kids and Family Attractions in Bangkok

Bangkok is a vibrant, exciting city and it has something to offer all ages – even the littlest people in the group. Bangkok for kids provides a whole host of activities from checking out sharks and other underwater life, discovering butterflies and insects, playing video games, and having fun at the water park. Find out where to go with the family in Bangkok, and which attractions are the most kid-friendly in the city.

1. Siam Ocean World

Kids will love this fascinating, interactive aquarium species where you can get up close and personal with a host of sea creatures including sharks, jellyfish, rays, otters, and masses of sparkling tropical fish. Siam Ocean World has plenty to see and children can get close to the marine life in huge tanks. You can even take a dive among the sharks. An ideal way to spend the day out of the Bangkok heat.

Image via Allie_Caulfield / Flickr
Image via Allie_Caulfield / Flickr

2. Surf at Flow Rider

Want to have fun and cool off? Try the Flow Rider, an impressive artificial wave machine in the center of the city where you ride on a hybrid surfboard/wakeboard on an inflatable ramp. The experience is safe and you are keeping fit as you try to stay on top of the board.

3. Kidzania

Looking for the complete package for entertaining the kids? Go to Kidzania, an entertainment and educational center with so much packed into its walls that the kids will never get bored. Children can play at being firefighters, bottle real Coke in a production factory, take part in games, solve puzzles, and play – the whole concept is kid-friendly and fun, while the little ones learn something at the same time.

4. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

The modern Madame Tussauds is an interactive experience where you can touch and play with the exhibits. Families can score goals in front of David Beckham, shoot hoops with basketball legends, and pose for photos with movie stars.

5. Ice Skating

When it’s time to escape the heat, do so in style at the ice rink. Bangkok has a number of different ice skating options, including an Olympic-sized rink. If the kids are a little unsure, sign up for a lesson to help improve their skills.

6. Siam Park City

Just what could be better than giving the kids the chance to slide, splash, wade, swim, and dive in a range of water activities? Siam Park City has an excellent water park alongside an amusement park for when you need to dry off.

7. Safari World

Safari World is divided into an open space where you drive through in a car or the park bus, and a Marine Park with a variety of animals. You can also check out animal shows and the park has a range of stores and games.

Image via Adeel Anwer / Flickr
Image via Adeel Anwer / Flickr

8. Bangkok Flight Simulator

Older children and aviation addicts will love this attraction in Bangkok. Fly in the cockpit of a Boeing 737 – the experience is so realistic you won’t believe you’re still on the ground. This attraction is one of the more expensive family activities in Bangkok but it is worth it for a special treat or for anyone in the family who is scared of flying – the experience helps ease nerves and calms fears.

9. Snake Farm

If your children have an attraction for the natural world, then the Snake Farm is not to be missed. You will discover more about these reptiles and their lives, including how many snakes are safe and where in the world they all live.

10. Art in Paradise Trick-Eye 3D Museum

On rainy days, spend some time checking out the fun exhibits at the Trickeye Museum, otherwise known as the 3D Museum. The museum is located at the Esplanade Mall, which is on the outer edge of the city but you can get the MRT train right to the door.

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