10 Best Things To Do On Koh Samui for Families

Things To Do On Koh Samui – Koh Samui is an excellent place for a family vacation. The beaches are stunning and perfect for kids of all ages to enjoy the ocean and the sand. Plus, a range of hotels and resorts provides excellent accommodation for families, from luxury to budget. And Koh Samui offers a whole host of family activities so you can kick back and have fun. Here are a few suggestions; for a longer list, visit the blog at Koh Samui Sunset.

1. Swim and Snorkel in the Ocean

Koh Samui is ideal for introducing the kids to the water or helping older children learn to snorkel. Families also take part in diving sessions, and you can continuously swim when it is safe to do so. Rent a kayak if you prefer to be on top of the water. The ocean is always attractive to children, and on Koh Samui, you have plenty of choices in terms of beaches, whether you are looking for something busy or quiet.

Things To Do On Koh Samui

Image via Jude Freeman/ Flickr

2. Go on a Koh Samui Road Trip

The island may not be huge, but there are plenty of places you can drive to that are beautiful and a little off-the-beaten-track. Hiring a four-wheel drive is a fun way to take the whole family to the best spots on the island with little hassle. Make sure you have plenty of snacks and water, plan your route with the help of some current maps, and set off. You’ll have a fantastic time.

3. Pay Attention to the Wildlife

You don’t have to go far, or do anything extraordinary, to entertain the kids by investigating the local wildlife. Just go for a walk around the resort, spotting the little geckos and watching butterflies in the trees. Find all the exciting trees with strange fruits, and go wading in the shallows to see the fish. Don’t forget to coat everyone in insect repellent, and don’t go touching any of the wildlife.

4. Visit Temples

Children will love seeing the sparkling, shining sculptures and looking at the intricate decorations in Thai Buddhist temples on Koh Samui. Make sure your family has all dressed appropriately, and you can also teach older kids a little about the Buddhist religion.

5. Get in the Pool

Nothing beats a day at the pool, and on Koh Samui vacations, you’ll be spoilt when you stay at a resort – a great pool, plenty of sunshine, and maybe even some water toys, fountains, and floats. You may have plenty planned in terms of activities, but often, the best-loved moments will come from simply hanging out at the pool.

6. Go to Angthong Marine Park

This is an excellent trip for older children, although young kids may find it a bit tiring and you’ll be exposed to a lot of intense suns.

7. Enjoy the Beach Sports

There’s nothing so fun – or simple to arrange – as a few tennis, soccer, or volleyball games on the beach. Make sure you pack some beach games in your bag when you hit the sand, and you can entertain the kids with your competitive tournaments. Keep the sunscreen handy and avoid the sun during the hottest time of the day – morning and evening beach sports sessions are the safest and the most fun.

Family Beach Koh Samui Thailand

Image via Rob Briscoe/ Flickr

8. Spend All Day on the Beach

So long as you are stocked up with water, toys, snacks, and sunscreen, you can happily spend all day on the beach. Look for beach creatures along the shore, build sandcastles, lounge under the umbrellas, and go swimming. Take a sun-proof tent for babies or toddlers to shelter under when the sun is intense.

9. Don’t Worry About the Rain

If you happen to have a rainy day on Koh Samui, don’t worry – kids will love the different weather and how the rain pours from the sky. Hang out on the terrace watching the storm or play cards in the Koh Samui resort lounge. Or you could head out into the rain – you won’t get cold, and it’s fun to get out into the elements.

10. Hit the Town – Things To Do On Koh Samui

Children will love the hustle and bustle of the towns in Koh Samui. Take a walk through town in the early evening, stopping for a smoothie or dinner. Kids are very much welcomed in the cities and villages of Koh Samui, and you’ll notice lots of other families out together enjoying the island life. Take a flashlight with you if you are out walking at night because power cuts happen, and not everywhere is well-lit.

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