Tips for Family Travel in Phuket

Wondering where to travel with your children on your next vacation? Don’t feel that you have to stay close to home. An exotic destination is ideal for the adventurous family, and there is no reason why parents with children shouldn’t enjoy the benefits of a place like Phuket. With a little extra planning you can enjoy a fun-filled family vacation with all the family in Phuket. Here are a few tips for making the most of your family time on the island.

Image via arztsamui /
Image via arztsamui /

Improve the Long-Haul Flight Experience

Depending on where you are in the world, you are probably going to be taking a long flight to reach Phuket. A long-haul flight with young children may be a challenge but you can make it as pain-free as possible by taking into account a few things. First of all, make sure that you arrive at the airport as rested and refreshed as possible. Plan to take enough time to reach the airport so you are not rushing. Pack as many small toys and interesting items as possible to keep small children entertained. Pack some new toys so that these will be exciting for your kids. Stickers, activity books, small cars, modeling clay and books are good for long flights. If you have an iPad or tablet load it with child-friendly apps and games. Bring plenty of snacks and baby food so you can be sure you will have something your children like. This will help the time pass more quickly before you arrive in Bangkok. You could consider spending a few days in Bangkok before catching a flight to Phuket so you don’t have to worry about connecting flights after a long time on the plane.

Be Safe in the Sun

Nothing ruins a vacation as quickly as a nasty sunburn – and burned skin is also highly dangerous for kids’ health. Phuket is a sunny place – that’s one of the reasons why you’re going to enjoy it so much – and kids have a habit of not wanting to stay in the shade. Apply high-protection children’s sun cream whenever they exit the hotel, and try to keep kids indoors during the hours of strongest sunshine. Save trips to the beach for later in the day when it is not quite so hot. Children should always wear a hat in the sun and cover up with lightweight, long-sleeved T-shirts, shirts, and pants. The rest of the family should follow this advice, too.

Pregnant Women in Phuket

If you are growing your family there is no reason why you should avoid a trip to Phuket. In fact, it could be just the dose of relaxation you need to help your pregnancy go more smoothly. Flying during the second trimester is probably the most comfortable. Stay out of the strong sun and drink plenty of fluids to keep yourself hydrated and happy.

Image via Lance Shields / Flickr
Image via Lance Shields / Flickr

Healthcare for Families in Phuket

Healthcare in Phuket is available to an international standard and if something happens you can get quick help from English-speaking doctors. If you forget anything from your medicine cabinet most items are readily available on the island.

Activities for Families

Phuket offers plenty for families to do. Whatever the weather, and whatever the interests of your children, you’ll find something to do. Elephant riding is a great activity for young children (all the rest of the family will enjoy this, too). Visit the aquarium to see the fish and other marine creatures, take a dip in the water park, or visit the butterfly park. There’s mini golf at the Dino Park, and paddle boats you can take out on the lake. Or you could take older children sea kayaking, snorkeling, on a mountain bike tour, or wakeboarding.

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