Things to Do in Phuket on a Rainy Day

A rainy day in Phuket cannot be compared to a rainy day in London, or Chicago – rain on this tropical island is never gloomy or boring. The rainy season in Phuket gives you plenty of sunny days among the showers, but be prepared with something to do if the shower is a long one. Here are some suggestions for rainy day activities in Phuket – shopping, sightseeing, sports, and more.

Image via ching teoh/ Flickr
Image via ching teoh/ Flickr

Go to Jungceylon to Have Fun

If you think Jungceylon is just a mall, think again. Visit here and you’ll find plenty to do when the clouds roll in. You can spend a whole day in the bowling alleys, the theaters, and the stores, and what’s more, you can enjoy some fun activities like laser shooting, a treatment at the fish spa, and even a visit to the Shell Museum. You’ll also find plenty of food options for lunch or dinner.

Watch a Movie in Bed

Of course, you could easily do this in your hotel but for a different experience going to the Central Festival mall. Here you’ll find a mini movie theater with a VIP room. You can watch a movie from the comfort of a bed with blankets and pillows. Perfect for a rainy day when you’ve seen everything that’s on the cable channels.

Get Yourself to a Spa – Quickly

Of course, there is never any need to find an excuse to visit a spa in Phuket. A spa day or a few hours in a spa should be top of your to-do list in this island paradise. But on a rainy day, there is perhaps nothing better than enjoying a massage, a facial, or a beauty treatment as the rain falls on the roof and you are cozy and serene within your little piece of paradise. You’ll find a wide choice of spas in Phuket from top-of-the-class spas in luxury resorts where you can relax and be pampered in style, to cheaper budget spa experiences in local spa establishments. If you think the rain is here to stay then make an appointment quick – everyone else in the resort or the area will have the same idea and you want to ensure your choice of treatments is available.

Image via Roberto Trm/ Flickr
Image via Roberto Trm/ Flickr

Check Out Old Phuket Town

Wandering around Phuket Town is a good thing to do in the rain as the temperatures are lower, you won’t risk sunburn, and there are fewer crowds – don’t forget to take your umbrella. Look around Old Phuket Town with its stately old mansions from the Sino-Portuguese era, and visit some of the temples in the old town. You can stop in a small café or boutique store if the rain gets too heavy.

Explore Phuket Trickeye Museum

While in Phuket Town, make a trip to the Trickeye Museum. This relatively new addition to the tourist scene is a great place to spend a rainy afternoon, especially if you have children. There are lots to see and the place is quirky and unique in Phuket.

Get Confused at the Phuket Upside Down House

Another quirky little place to visit, the Upside Down House on the edge of Phuket Town is a replica of a real house with one key difference – everything has been turned upside down. Everything seems to be hanging in the air or from the ceiling. What you see is not what’s real, however, and it is worth a visit to trick your mind at this tourist attraction.

Tour Phang Nga Bay

Don’t think you have to visit the iconic islands surrounding Phuket in the blazing sunshine. It is often better to tour places like Phang Nga Bay when it is raining as you beat the crowds and you get some unique photo opportunities. Rent a kayak to see the limestone formations up close. Phang Nga Bay is a fantastic place to visit whatever the weather.

Take a Thai Cooking Class

One thing you should definitely do while in Phuket takes a cooking class to improve your Thai cooking skills. And this activity is ideal for a day when you can’t be on the beach. Many cooking classes include a visit to the market to select the food, which you then prepare and – most importantly – eat. A must for anyone interested in food and drink.

Try Thai Boxing

If your tastes are more adventurous, an hour or two of Muay Thai instruction will give you a good workout and may even provide you with a new sport. You can try a taster course or go the full distance and sign up for a course in Muay Thai on Phuket.

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