The Best Things To Do In Phuket

Whether shining or raining there are numerous things to do in Phuket Island, Thailand. These things to do in Phuket island revolve around what the island natural resources, these include the abundant parks, beaches, the forest, plus their rich culture and history. The things to do in Phuket keep increasing with variety and sophistication, providing the visitors and the locals’ activities befitting their age, taste, abilities, and budget. To enjoy this whole place you have to plan earlier and wiser because, with the many things to do in Phuket, time is the only thing to stop you from enjoying yourself.

Things to do in Phuket

1. Touring Phuket and beyond Phuket

One of the main things to do in Phuket is touring the town and the surrounding areas while learning their culture and viewing the beautiful sites. There are many tours available on Phuket Island The best tour is the Speed Boat Phi Phi Island Full Day Tour; this tour enables you to see the whole Island within a day.

The Phuket Fantasia Show is a family outing entertainment set on the seaside covering up to 140 acres. The show has many attractions ranging from the biggest buffet in Asia with a capacity of 4,000 seats to crannies and nooks in the show. For entertainment, think a full-blooded 80 minutes extravaganza full of fiction, fantasy intertwined, frolic and facts. The extravaganza will leave your head spinning with unforgettable memories.

Another thing to do in Phuket is the four-in-one half day safari; this presentation is fun and informative at the same time. This safari will have you appreciating their culture after being informed.

Others things to do in Phuket include

Sea Kayaking which involves dining under the sunlight in Phang Nga bay a beautiful place during the day now imagines it at night. You get to dine on board and as night approaches you sail into the caves and discover mother-nature art night.

Elephant Trekking and white-water rafting in lush Phang Nga province water arteries which can be done between June to November annually.

For the golfers, there is a blue canyon, 720-acre lush mountains, and greenery of Phang Nga Bay which has the two award-winning 18 holes golf courses.

June-Bahtra junk cruising and going on an overnight elephant hills safari among other things to do in Phuket.

Beyond Phuket, there are many beautiful places from Krabi to Khao Lak. You can visit Sok National Park and ride elephants. The best is canoe exploring of the beautiful limestone scenery in Phang Nga Bay.

2. Cable Skiing

Is the other exciting thing to do in Phuket, picture yourself skittering along 410 meters smooth purpose-built lake at high speed? For the beginners, professional trainers are there just to train you at no cost.

3. Fun Activities for the Kids

The locals in Phuket love kids irrespective of their race and are very protective of them, making this place the most beautiful and safe place for kids. The locals love stroking kids hair especially if the kid is blonde, squeezing a kids hand gently and touching kids but with kind intentions. The things to do in Phuket for kids includes; elephant riding, visiting the splash-jungle water park, mini golfing in Dino park, kayaking tours, go-kart driving, and white water rafting among other things to do in Phuket.

4. Touring is not the only thing, but also there are some other Outdoors activities like;

  • Fifty meters Bungy-Jumping,
  • Kart driving,
  • Drive off-road on an ATV,
  • Get fit while visiting the island with a mountain bike,

Other things to do in Phuket are

  • Golfing as this is the best golf destination,
  • Watch and learn the Muay Thai martial arts, the furious punches, elbow crushing strikes with lethal kicks fun to watch live.
  • Enjoy the traditional Thai-massage offered by many hotels and spa centers with sauna treatment and steam baths from the old holistic therapies.
  • Horse riding on the beach and through the Phuket island jungles.
  • The famous elephant trekking,
  • You can also choose to keep fit and visit the gym
  • Try the top ten ranked scuba diving places in the world; you will see to have the best time of your life under water.

This is the best holiday destination in the world with more than a hundred way of having fun while on tour.

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