Snorkeling in Phuket

Dive in – the water’s great. The crystal-clear Andaman Sea is teeming with fishes and marine life, making Phuket the ideal spot to enjoy some snorkeling. Snorkeling is a simple, enjoyable way to see a different side of Phuket and with just a mask and some fins you can access a beautiful underwater world. Here are some tips and ideas for snorkeling in Phuket – where to go, what to see, and what to do.

Image via Harsha K R / Flickr
Image via Harsha K R / Flickr

When Can I Snorkel?

You can go snorkeling year-round no matter when you are visiting Phuket. However, the best time for snorkeling from this island paradise is during the months of November through April, when the sea is calm and still. If you are snorkeling during the low season of May through October then take care to avoid areas on the west coast where there is a strong undertow and it can be dangerous to swim and snorkel. Seek advice about snorkeling in low season – where it is best to go, and how you can do it.

Snorkeling Gear and Clothes

You don’t need a wetsuit to snorkel in Phuket as the water is always warm. However, you will need to wear a T-shirt and strong-protection sunscreen as the sun is powerful and the effects are magnified by the water. If you spend the day snorkeling you are at risk of sunburn if you do not cover up. You can rent snorkel gear from some of the beaches on Phuket but be careful because it may not be excellent quality. Masks, fins, and snorkels are available to buy from many stores on Phuket, or you can bring your own gear. If you take part in a snorkeling tour then they should provide all the equipment you need.

Kata Noi Snorkel

If you are looking for a picture-perfect snorkeling location you will find it here at Kata Noi. This is a long beach dotted with rocks and the water contains a staggering variety of marine life. The north end of the beach is ideal for your snorkeling trip as the water is perfectly clear and there is a lot of fish and coral. Be careful only to snorkel here during high season as the undertow is two dangerous in the low season.

Ao Sane Beach for Snorkeling

In the south of Phuket, Ao Sane Beach is a 200-metre stretch of sand closely located to Nai Harn Beach. There are two main snorkeling areas off Ao Sane Beach – one area is a deep pool where you can see clown fish, eels, and parrot fish. The other area is to the right of the restaurant on the beach and is accessible when the tide is high. At low tide the coral is too close to the surface. To reach the snorkeling opportunities at Ao Sane Beach, take the road at the Royal Phuket Yacht Club which is located at the northern end of Nai Harn Beach. There are signs from this road to Ao Sane Beach.



Snorkel Paradise Beach

Find a 150-meter stretch of sand at the lovely Paradise Beach, located only around 5km from Patong in Phuket. Paradise Beach has excellent views over Patong Bay and it is a pretty sheltered place to swim and snorkel. To access Paradise Beach go south along the Beach Road at Patong and head towards Amari Coral Beach Resort. The coral reef which is located around 100 meters off the shore can only be reached by strong swimmers, but the snorkeling closer to the beach is safe for everyone.

Snorkeling at Laem Singh Beach

Laem Singh Beach is situated in the middle of Kamala Beach and Surin Beach. It has 150 meters of sand and is located in a bay that curves round the headland and is lined with boulders. Access the beach via a pathway from one of the two car parks at the top road. This beach is busy and has a lot of different restaurants, bars, and vendors but at the south end of Laem Singh the waters are perfect for snorkeling. Take the coastal road from Kamala or Surin to reach this snorkeling beach.

Image via / Flickr
Image via / Flickr

Ya Nui

Did you ever see brain coral? This interesting coral is beautiful and distinctive, and there’s plenty of it in the bay off Ya Nui. The snorkeling is better the further out you go and it is impressive if you hire a boat and head across to the opposite shore where you’ll see a whole host of fish and other marine life. The beach is busy but once you get out further into the water the scene is much more tranquil and relaxing. Don’t snorkel here during the season May to November.

Phuket Snorkeling Tips

Use the best equipment you can find or bring your own to be sure you won’t have any problems using it in the water. Always defog your mask before entering the water and keep it defogged while you investigate the marine life. Try to be aware of jet skis if you are in a busy area of water, or steer clear of these places where there are people taking part in water sports.

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