Should I Visit Phuket in July?

When you only have vacation time in the summer months like July and August, and you want to come to Phuket, should you do it? July is in the rainy season, so is it good to come to Phuket in July? Phuket is an all-year vacation destination and it is true that there is a dry season which tends to be more popular. But you can get good weather at any time, and score excellent value accommodation outside of peak season. Here is our guide to what’s good about Phuket in every month of the year.

Phuket in January

This is the most popular month for tourists to visit Phuket. What’s good? You’ll get plenty of sunshine and heat, the seas are calm enough for swimming, and all the resorts, bars and restaurants are packed and lively. What’s bad? You’ll find most of the popular resorts quite crowded, and the prices are highest in January.

Phuket sky

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Phuket in February

February in Phuket is nearly as popular as January and you’ll have an almost equal chance of good weather this month. What’s good? Lots of sunshine, excellent weather, great seas, and a busy island. You may also find slightly cheaper resorts in Phuket during this month. What’s bad? Prices are still higher than at other times of the year. And you need to book early to get your choice of Phuket accommodation.

March in Phuket

Slightly off high season, March is when temperatures start rising and you still get lots of sunny days. What’s good? Low rainfall, hot and sunny weather, great conditions for swimming and sailing, slightly fewer crowds, and lower accommodation prices. What’s bad? The resort towns may still be very busy which is not ideal if you are looking for peace.

April in Phuket

This is the month that signals the end of high season and the start of the heat. It is also the month of Songkran, the famous water festival, which is great fun when you get into the spirit. What’s good? You get plenty of sunny days and lots of heat, sea conditions are stable, Songkran attracts the crowds, and you get a much better deal on hotels. What’s bad? It can get very hot, and if you don’t like crowds then it is best to avoid the Songkran period.

Phuket in May

May is the start of the low season with a corresponding drop in resort prices. What’s good? You get a much more relaxing atmosphere as the crowds disappear, and much cheaper accommodation. Even if it rains the weather is still warm and you do get your share of warm sunny days. What’s bad? May is one of the wettest months and humidity is high overall.

June in Phuket

You may experience rain in June but there is also a great chance of sunny days. June is the low season so you get cheaper flights and cheaper hotels. What’s good? An excellent chance of sunshine, peaceful resorts, and beaches, friendlier service. What’s bad? High chance of rain and thunderstorms, often the sea is not suitable for swimming or diving.

Phuket in July

July is a good time to visit Phuket as you have a good chance of some sunny days although it is in the middle of the rainy season. What’s good? The prices are low and you get your full choice of resorts as the places are generally more peaceful, and even when it rains it’s warm. What’s bad? You will probably get rain, although this may not be a problem as you can still enjoy Phuket even in bad weather.

August in Phuket

Still in the rainy season, August is a good month to visit for better prices and a chilled-out atmosphere. What’s good? Smaller numbers of tourists, better prices, relaxed nightlife and still many sunny days. What’s bad? You will get some rain.

September in Phuket

This is the wettest month of the year in Phuket and you will certainly experience some downpours. What’s good? Excellent prices as this are one of the quietest times of the year in Phuket and still some possibility of sunny days. What’s bad? Weather is hot and humid and it’s the wettest month to visit.

Phuket beach

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October in Phuket

While you are still not in the high season, October sees slightly less rain and more people visiting. What’s good? Cheap hotel rates, and improving weather particularly at the end of October. What’s bad? Rain continues to be likely and sea conditions are not ideal for diving.

Phuket in November

The start of the high season, Phuket in November is getting busier although there is still a high chance of rain. What’s good? The resorts and beaches are still not very crowded although it is busier, and the chance of sunny days increases. What’s bad? It can still rain a lot, and prices start to rise for accommodation.

December in Phuket

Another popular month as the rainy season disappears and you get more chance of cloudless days. What’s good? There’s a great party atmosphere with plenty going on, great weather, and excellent celebrations around New Year. What’s bad? Towns can be very busy, and you need to book in advance for the best resorts.

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