Shopping Guide: What to Buy in Phuket

A vacation is not the same without buying a few souvenirs to remind you of your time away. Luckily Phuket has a range of interesting places where you can buy clothes, jewelry, ornaments, designer shoes, bags, sarongs and much more. Pick up a set of pearls to remind you of this pearl of the Andaman Sea, or a few DVDs to watch when you return home. Here’s where to shop in Phuket for souvenirs, clothing, and more.

Image via Andy Mitchell / Flickr
Image via Andy Mitchell / Flickr

Exquisite Thai Silk

For something really special, that will always remind you of your time in Phuket, take a trip to one of the many stores selling genuine Thai silk. Silk is used to make cushion covers, ties, shirts, suits, and more. You can also buy the silk itself to make into items at home. There are hundreds of stores selling Thai silk products on the island and there are upmarket locations in the malls and several of the larger resorts.

Pearls from Phuket

The pearls you find on Phuket are sourced from the warm waters surrounding the island so they are a truly special and unique thing to buy on your vacation. You’ll find pearls in a variety of colors, shades, and sizes – loose or fitted into all manner of jewelry pieces. The Phuket Pearl Factory is a good place to go to be sure you are buying the genuine article, as is Wang Talang International.

Crafts, Handmade Souvenirs and Art

If you are looking for a unique gift to bring home to your family or you want something special to remind you of Thailand, visit the OTOP Market on Rat-U-Thit Road (behind the Holiday Inn resort). This marketplace is full of handmade items like wooden carvings, candles, clothing, natural cosmetics, leather bags and many more interesting pieces. This is a great place to browse, too, even if you are not interested in spending any money.

Batik Crafts

The distinctive batik pattern is a hit on clothes, bags, sarongs, and throws. Batik is a favorite in Phuket and there are many examples of this art form that you can buy to take home in your suitcase. Choose from aquatic designs, sunny pictures, or bold abstracts. You can find batik items in the small stores all across Phuket – one must-visit shop is called Chai Batik and it is located on Chaofa East Road.


Go to the beach road in Phuket to find original paintings or smart reproductions. Thai art is a particularly good buy. You can also find plenty of artists who will turn the photo of your family on vacation into an oil painting or a watercolor. The larger stores and established artists will have delivery services for you to have the painting shipped to your home so you don’t have to travel with it on the airplane.

Image via pbtpkt / Flickr
Image via pbtpkt / Flickr

Electronics, Clothes and More

If you don’t want to browse street stalls in the heat, or you are tired of the small places in Phuket, take a trip to the shopping mall. The brand-new Central Festival Phuket mall is on the outer edge of Phuket City and contains a wide variety of brand name stores and a wide selection of new products. The Jungceylon mall in Patong has all the brands you need plus a large food court. Malls also have supermarkets, cinemas, bars, and even health centers.


Find DVDs at low prices on sale all over the island, particularly near to the main beaches. The prices are low and most times the quality is good but avoid the titles that are still in the movie theaters as these are likely to be recorded using a camera in the theater itself. Many of the places let you test the DVDs to check the quality.

For more information on where to go in Phuket, take a look at PhuketOn. Find out all about Phuket’s hotels, resorts, restaurants, and stores at PhuketOn.

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