How to Have a Fantastic Honeymoon in Bangkok

Bangkok all too often seems to be the first and last stop on a honeymoon trip – a couple of days either side of a trip to an island or to the north of the country. While staying on Phuket or Koh Samui is certainly romantic, it would be a mistake to miss Bangkok off the itinerary. Bangkok is a fascinating city full of dramatic skylines, exclusive bars, cozy restaurants and hidden corners – perfect for a honeymooning couple. And don’t forget the hotels – beautiful, luxurious accommodation you won’t want to leave. Newly married and looking for a honeymoon with a difference? You can’t miss Bangkok.

Bangkok Honeymoon Tips

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Doing Your Homework

As with any honeymoon, some planning is important so you can make the most of your precious time together. First, work out where exactly you want to stay in the city. Bangkok is huge and your choice of location will depend on many factors including the hotel you like the look of. Bangkok is pretty spread out, so there is no “center” to speak of, but there are different areas with different vibes – check out the different locations if you are looking for a particular style of hotel or stay.

The price of accommodation in Bangkok varies from dirt cheap to super-high. Where you stay depends on your budget but for a honeymoon, you can certainly find a luxurious hotel with five-star facilities for a lot less than you would pay in other world cities. Look for hotels with river views, exclusive restaurants, top-notch spas or anything you can think of to make your stay highly memorable. Splash out a little – it’s your honeymoon, after all. You want to make your stay in Bangkok unforgettable.

Romantic Experiences

When you’re on honeymoon pretty much anything can be romantic, but to really create a special vacation together there are a few things you can do that score high in the romance stakes. In the early evening, see Bangkok from the waterways by hiring a private long tail boat. It’s just the two of you – and the driver! – and you can get a glimpse of the city as the sun sets from the water, and it’s really not a very expensive way to see it.

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You can also spend some time looking around the high-end shops in the glossy shopping malls of the city. A great way to cool down in the air conditioned interiors.

And nothing beats a couples massage in Bangkok. The Thai massage experience is so relaxing, and there is no better way to wind down after a long day sightseeing. You will find massage places everywhere, from tiny back-street operations to the glossy spas at the big hotels. If you pay mid-range prices you will usually get a highly professional and enjoyable treatment.

Beautiful Temples

You will also want to spend some time together visiting some of the wonderful temples – wats – that Bangkok has to offer. The most famous is Wat Pho, which is known for being the place to see the Reclining Buddha, a huge statue that is one of the most important in the city. Wat Pho takes a few hours to walk around. Other temples are also worth a visit in the city and it helps to spend some time at each one, particularly when the temperature is high and you want to wander slowly.

Eating and Drinking

A romantic honeymoon is all the more memorable for the food and drink. Thai food is certainly special. All Thai dishes are beautifully crafted, with flavors you will remember for years to come. It’s not all spicy, although if you like it hot you will certainly be able to sample some piquant curries and stir fry dishes.

Eating out is a pleasure in Bangkok, with a wide range of restaurants to choose from. If you want a romantic, secluded and exclusive meal in one of the city’s acclaimed restaurants, you have it. If you prefer something more down to earth with traditional dishes, you have it. And you can even eat very well from street stalls and small family-owned restaurants if you prefer to stick to a smaller budget. A range of other cuisines are also on offer in Bangkok if you want to get a wider gastronomic experience on your honeymoon – from Italian to American and everything in between.

For something a little different that you can do together, why not take a Thai cooking course? Start the day with a trip to the market to buy fresh ingredients then learn how to create your own Thai specials. Certainly, a skill to take home with you to start married life together.

And make sure you spend a few nights drinking cocktails in one of the rooftop bars, looking out over this amazing city. Bangkok offers so much for a honeymoon – enjoy it in style.

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