How to Go Trekking in Thailand

While the first thing you may think about Thailand is beaches, the country is blessed with many outdoor activity opportunities – including some top-class trekking. The northern area of Thailand around Chiang Mai is the most obvious trekking choice as there are many different routes in the region to choose from, but it is by no means the only destination.

Find out more about trekking in Thailand – where to go, how to plan, what to take, and what to expect. With a bit of planning, Thailand is the perfect place to go walking and hiking and checking out the outstanding natural beauty in this varied country.

How to Go Trekking in Thailand

Where to Go Trekking in Thailand

The most popular place for trekking in Thailand is north of the capital around the city of Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai itself is a beautiful base for a trekking holiday. It is a lovely and very laid-back city with lots of important cultural landmarks, some great cooking schools, and most of all some mountains and valleys to explore on foot. Also, the trekking around Mae Taeng is top-notch. There are some lovely multi-day treks, and you can also take part in adventurous activities like bamboo rafting, white water rafting, camping, and homestays.

The route from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son is particularly spectacular and was once a trade route that linked the highlands. This trek will take you about six to eight hours walking per day, and you will stay four to seven nights in highland hill towns.

If you don’t want to go to the north, the trails in the national parks on the island of Khao Lak are excellent, and the mountain of Khao Pom on Ko Samui is also great for a shorter four to five-hour trek.

Why Choose a Trekking Tour?

You can go trekking in Thailand anywhere on your own, but hiring a guide or joining an organized tour is highly recommended. This is because many of the trails are not marked, and you need a great deal of experience in the country to navigate the paths and deal with the weather and landscape. And the best thing about taking part in a guided trekking tour is that you can concentrate on the scenery and the walking without worrying about getting lost. Make sure you book in advance, especially for the most popular tours during peak season.

How to Choose a Trekking Tour

Your ideal tour depends on when you want to go and how far you want to trek. If you have the time, it is a good idea to go on a trek that takes at least a couple of days, with a night or two spent camping or staying in forest huts. These tours will take you deeper into the most beautiful places in eh country.

It would help if you also considered the tour operator’s reputation since there are various companies and they offer different things to different standards. Ask other travelers for recommendations or look online. And remember to look for the accreditations with the local tourist boards. When you have found a company you like the look of, ask lots of questions about how long the tour is, what food and drink are provided, and where you will be staying. The best tour is not necessarily the cheapest or the most expensive. Be discerning and shop around for a trekking tour that suits your budget and needs.

What to Take on a Thailand Trek

It is essential to wear the right shoes for the weather and the type of trek. Ask the operator what they recommend, and make sure you have worn them in and not just bought them two days before the trip. As well as a change of clothes, you will need a swimsuit for the waterfalls and pools, sunglasses, sunscreen, a sun hat, bug repellent, and your water bottle. It is a good idea to bring some warmer clothes if you are trekking from October through to December as it can get cold in the hilly regions, especially in the evenings.

How to Go Trekking in Thailand

How to Behave on a Trek

It would be best to act respectfully to the people you meet on the trails, especially towards the hill tribes whose way of life will differ from yours. Ask them if you can take photos and show respect when on their land or in their villages. Make sure you never leave anything on the trails and keep your camping places clean. Be careful when smoking, and never leave lit matches or cigarettes on the ground.

Safety Rules for Trekking in Thailand

Never hike on your own in Thailand. Try to go with an organized group, but if you are in a small group, make sure someone knows where they are going and take a GPS (and spare batteries). Take a whistle that you can sound for help if you get lost. Don’t rely on a mobile phone, which will not work in remote areas. Take plenty of drinking water and snacks for the length of time you will be trekking. Make sure you are adequately equipped with insect repellent. And carry a basic first aid kit (plus get travel insurance before you go.)

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