How to Go Snorkeling in Koh Samui

Koh Samui is famous for many things – white sand beaches, beautiful sunsets, and a laidback vacation atmosphere – but perhaps snorkeling is not one of them. However, we’re here to tell you that snorkeling in Samui is one of the must-do activities on the island. If you head a little off the beaten track and explore some of the hidden coves around the popular beaches in Samui, you are in for a snorkeling treat.

Some select spots around Samui offer beautiful snorkeling and gentle swimming, where you can investigate an underwater landscape that’s just like swimming in an aquarium. Most of the best snorkeling spots in Samui are located in small coves off hidden beaches, so it may take a little time and effort to reach them. But your efforts will be rewarded. Find out more about Samui snorkeling here.


Snorkeling in Coral Cove, Koh Samui

Head just south of the little beach of Chaweng Noi, which is located on the east side of Samui, and you will be rewarded with Coral Cove – a tiny bay that offers some of the best snorkeling on the island. Here you will find large boulders in and out of the sea that shelter numerous varieties of fish. The water is calm and you don’t have to swim far to enjoy the underwater life. You can combine this trip with a little relaxation at a Koh Samui spa.

Samui Snorkel at Choeng Mon

On the northeastern coast of the island, you will find Choeng Mon, a set of little bays that is not far from the airport in Samui. The two tiny islands Koh Fan Yai and Koh Fan Noi are only a few hundred meters from the beach and here you can snorkel, kayak, dive, and swim. You will find the best spots for snorkeling at the far ends of the beach, between the two small islands.

Silver Beach Snorkeling

Otherwise known as Haad Thong Ta Kian, Silver Beach is a beauty of a bay that is located in-between Lamai and Chaweng on Samui to the east. In order to reach the public part of the beach you go through the beach resort and they can you snorkel next to large granite boulders that are located at the ends of the beach.

Visiting Taling Ngam

This is probably one of the most difficult to get to places for snorkeling, but it is by no means impossible to reach – in fact, getting there is half the fun. Taling Ngam is a western-facing beach that is situated 20 minutes to the south of Nathon Town. This part of the island is largely undeveloped for tourism and it is great for snorkeling right from the coast, where there are a variety of rocks and reefs just a little way offshore.

Ao Phang Ka Snorkeling on Koh Samui

Ao Phang Ka is located towards the southernmost tip of the island and is a bay reached from Taling Ngam Beach. The bay itself is ideal for snorkeling and you can also go through the jungle to reach another smaller beach towards the south of the island and find some wonderful underwater creatures. The trip to this undeveloped area of Koh Samui allows you to get away from it all and enjoy some tropical snorkeling in peaceful surroundings.


Snorkeling Further Afield

If you’ve been to all these snorkeling sites and more, you can still continue to snorkeling and diving adventure off Samui by taking a day trip to the islands of Koh Tao or Koh Nang Yuan. These islands are around 60km from the coast of Samui and offer some of the most stunning diving and snorkeling in the world. The underwater scenery is truly amazing, and you’ll find all you are looking for and more when you take an extended trip to these snorkel and dive spots.

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Photo credits: Kevin McCarthy via Flickr/ Arnie Papp via Flickr

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