Getting Married in Phuket: Advice and Inspiration

Phuket is an undeniably romantic place to get married. A wedding in Phuket conjures up images of lush tropical flowers, beautiful sunsets, and white sand beaches. Phuket has long been a destination of choice for a honeymoon but why not have the party start early by holding your whole wedding on the island? Phuket offers a range of different options for a ceremony – Thai or Western-style – and a range of different locations, both on and off the beach. Read on for advice, tips and inspiration for getting married, Phuket-style.

Image via eric molina / Flickr
Image via eric molina / Flickr

What Happens at a Thai-Style Wedding in Phuket?

If one or both of the couple are Thai, then a Thai-style wedding may be just what you are looking for. Thai weddings are colorful and romantic, with a touch of the exotic. The big day normally starts at the house of the bride or the groom where a blessing is given by Thai monks. The families of the bride and the groom then sit down to share lunch. If the wedding has not yet been registered, the couple will go to the District Office. In the evening, the main event takes place; the rod nam sang (rod means soak or pour, and nam means water, while sang is the conch shell.) The bride and groom sit on a pedestal while white thread is bound around their heads to symbolize unity. The conch shell is used to our water over their hands. Afterwards, family and friends come together to join in the celebrations which may be in the form of a buffet dinner, a full sit-down dinner, or a party with music and dancing.

Western-Style Weddings in Phuket

If you want a western-style wedding in Phuket then the sky is the limit. You can arrange the day to suit your own interests, beliefs, and style. You can get married on a white sand beach with the sun setting in the background, in a chapel floating on a lagoon, in the jungle with elephants, on a private desert island, inside a luxury villa or at a 5-star resort.

The Phuket Christian Centre provides a Christian ceremony if you want a religious marriage, in Thai or English. You can also arrange a Buddhist wedding or an India wedding in Phuket. People have even got married underwater, or standing in the ocean. Whatever vision you have of your big day, you should be able to achieve it in Phuket. If you want something unusual, make sure you leave enough time to plan and iron out any local difficulties. Arriving on Phuket some time before your wedding makes it less likely you will encounter problems you can’t solve.

Phuket Wedding Packages

Most of the larger resorts on Phuket can help you organize a wedding to remember. A typical wedding package will include a blessing ceremony – Thai or Western-style – floral bouquets, wedding cake, champagne, and a photographer. You can of course add to the basic package with spa treatments, live music at a party, fireworks, elephants, or hair and make-up. When booking and arranging a wedding on Phuket remember that hotels need at least two weeks in advance for the booking. Booking as far in advance as you can ensures you can secure the package you want, in the resort of your choice. Resorts offer combined wedding and honeymoon packages, and can also handle the accommodation issues of your guests. Many couples opt for a large shared villa for family and friends, while people with larger wedding parties arrange accommodation at all-inclusive resorts.

Image via eric molina / Flickr
Image via eric molina / Flickr

Legal Issues for Phuket Weddings

In order for the marriage to be recognized around the world you need to have it registered. For non-Thai couples, a letter of affirmation that says you are free to marry should be written in your native language, then certified at the relevant embassy in Bangkok. You need to do this at least a week in advance of the wedding. If you are divorced then bring documentation to show this is the case. Then it must be translated into Thai and certified at the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is easier if you get this done with the help of a local agent and the process takes around three to five days. Make sure you leave enough time, taking note of any Thai holidays when officials do not work. Once you have this documentation you can go to the Register Office in Phuket and get your marriage certificate. If in doubt, consult a wedding planner in Phuket who will let you know exactly what you need to do for your marriage to be legalized.

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Getting Married in Phuket: Advice and Inspiration 1

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