Enjoying Phuket All Year Round: Climate and Weather

Phuket has a tropical monsoon climate which means the island is warm all year round. Great news if you are planning a tropical escape from a cold climate and want to bask in some higher temperatures. But will you always see the sun in Phuket? Is there a rainy season in Phuket and how will that affect your vacation? Find out all you need to know about enjoying Phuket year-round with our guide to Phuket weather and climate.

Phuket weather

Phuket weather/ Image via Miles Goodhew/ Flickr

Phuket Climate

The weather in Phuket is warm year-round. But there are two periods in the year when the island is hotter than normal. From April to May, and September to October, you will encounter the hottest weather. During this second period, September through October, you will also see the wettest weather. However, Phuket has a milder climate than neighboring countries and you are unlikely to see tropical storms. While the rains are heavier in September and October it is rare to see several consecutive days of rain.

What is the Best Time to Visit Phuket?

The best time for most people to visit Phuket is through the cooler monsoon season in December through to March. At this time the weather is not so humid, and there is a lovely cool breeze to make things feel better. You will see temperatures of around 75F to 89F (24C to 32C) โ€“ obviously, temperatures vary and every year is different, but you will certainly have many days of good weather if you visit during this time period. Obviously, one factor you need to consider is that the โ€œbestโ€ time, weather-wise, to visit Phuket is also the most popular. You will certainly need to book good hotels and resorts in advance, and it can be a more expensive time to visit.

Phuket sunset

Phuket sunset/ Image via mykaul/ Flickr

When is the Hottest Time in Phuket?

If you want the hottest temperatures in Phuket, visit between April and June. The temperatures during this time range from 80F to 95F (27C to 36C). This is hot, although there will be showers that bring the temperature down. Thankfully on the island, you do not suffer as much from the heat as you would do in the city, as you have all those beaches and pools to cool down in, and lovey air-conditioned rooms to retreat to. This time of year, the so-called shoulder season can be a good time to visit when many resorts drop their prices.

When is a Quiet Time to Visit Phuket?

During June, July and August visitor numbers drop and the weather is a little cooler, with few showers. The temperature is between 70F and 90F (20C to 33C) and you are likely to get the beaches to yourself at many times.

When Does it Rain in Phuket?

The rainy season is between September and October but the pattern of rain is normally long intervals of sunshine among heavy showers. If you are visiting at this time there will be far fewer tourists, greater choice in hotels and resorts, and cheaper prices. Not all restaurants and bars will be open, but you will still find plenty to do on your vacation.

Things to Do in the Low Season in Phuket

The wet season can be a gorgeously atmospheric time to visit Phuket with the storm clouds casting a deep shadow across the white sand, and the thunderstorms dramatic and picturesque. As the rains come, the locals celebrate renewal and prosperity. Tourists can also celebrate on Phuket, for lower prices and more space on the beach. There are a variety of activities to enjoy in the low season, including water sports and indoor adventures.

Swimming on the west coast is not advised and can be dangerous as the waves are large and unpredictable. If you enjoy surfing, this pastime comes into its own in the low season. It is also possible to go diving and snorkeling, depending on the weather on the day. You can enjoy a boat trip to Phang Nga Bay where the calm waters are good year-round and are protected from the force of the monsoon winds. Here you can swim and snorkel and look at the beauty of the natural surroundings. You could also take out a sea canoe onto the ocean.

Land Activities in Low Season

If the weather is not right for beach sports or boating, there is plenty to do onshore. The golf clubs on Phuket cater for all levels, and there are plenty of trips into the interior of the island to explore the forests and mountains. You can go jungle trekking, walk up waterfalls, or take a horseback riding trip. If you are not so adventurous, you can have a lot of fun taking a Thai cookery class, or a yoga class, or even simply booking a spa day for total relaxation. Phuket is fun, whatever the weather.

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