Best Locations in Bangkok for Street Food

Bangkok is one of the best places in the world for wonderful, varied, tasty food. No matter where you go, restaurants, cafes, and stalls offer unique Thai tastes at bargain prices. And the best place to visit when you’re a food lover is the street. Bangkok street food is plentiful and great quality. Street food is available pretty much anywhere in the city but some areas are better than others. Here’s where to visit when you want insanely tasty Thai food fast.


If you want street food in Bangkok, you’ve got to go to Chinatown. To miss out this area would be a crime. It is simply packed with stalls, vendors, and restaurants so you can find whatever you want, freshly cooked and smelling divine. The best time to visit is in the evening when more and more vendors arrive and people are really hungry for their wares. The old favorite dishes are all available, as well as some more interesting quirky alternatives.

Bangkok street food

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This popular street stretches perpendicular to the station at Victory Monument and is a fashionable place to be seen. It has more than its fair share of luxury hotels and trendy bars but there are also lots of street stalls serving delicious, affordable Thai dishes. Seafood is good, and it’s a nice area to come when you want noodles – particularly in the evening time and at night.

Ratchawat Market

Ratchawat Market offers a good selection of excellent restaurants that serve Thai duck dishes and beef noodles, and the vendors selling meals and street snacks are also plentiful. This area is a little less manic than a place like Chinatown so it makes for a relaxing wander.

Bang Khun Non

Bang Khun Non is another quieter area where you can eat and drink without worrying too much about the crowds. Roast duck is a favorite here, as are the traditional noodle dishes that make for a great lunch or snack. This area is also not far from the floating market so a visit here can be combined with that attraction.

Victory Monument

This place, where buses load and unload passengers every day of the year, is packed with people. And with more people come more street food vendors. Victory Monument is a great place to come when you are looking for a wide range of street food in Bangkok. In the area are also a number of good restaurants if you want to sit inside or at a table.

Sukhumvit 38

While this street is in the middle of prime, expensive Bangkok real estate you can find as much cheap street food as you need. There are stalls and vendors along both sides of the street and the atmosphere is lively and friendly. Find everything from sticky rice to pad Thai and delicious green papaya salad. This is a good place to come when you want a nice introduction to street food in Bangkok.

Wang Lang Market

The Wang Lang Market may not be the most well-known place for food in Bangkok but it is certainly worth a visit. Food lovers rejoice at the variety available in such a small space, and the quality of the food is also second to none.

Nang Loeng

Another popular market in Bangkok for street food, Nang Loeng is traditional and timeless. The food is fresh and offered up in a great variety of different dishes. Come here if you want to taste traditional Thai food that has been crafted using the same recipes for generations.

Thai street food

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Soi Ari

Set next to the BTS station at Ari, Soi Ari is a good place to come when you’re craving some vegetarian street food – there are a nice café and food court serving vegetarian fare on this street, along with other vendors.


The area outside the main university in Bangkok is the place to come for southern Thai food, stir fry, and practically any other dish you could mention. Excellent food both throughout the day and at night.


Another busy place, with loads of opportunities to sample some tasty Thai fare. Silom is the heart of the business district in Bangkok and offers everything for busy workers to devour. This area is better in the morning and at lunchtime than in the evening.

The best thing about street food in Bangkok is it’s everywhere. You really don’t need a special guide to show you – just explore and get the scent of something delicious cooking on the next corner. If a place is busy, it is a sign of good quality so check out the stalls with lines forming at lunchtime. Explore all the options – you’ll never have to eat the same dish twice.

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