8 Best Activities for Couples on Koh Samui Thailand

Koh Samui Thailand

Koh Samui Thailand is the perfect place for couples. The small island boasts a wealth of romantic activities, special places to visit, and lovely restaurants to make your time on the island as a couple extra-special. We’ve looked at some of our favorite activities for couples on Koh Samui so you can be sure of a romantic vacation you’ll never forget.

What’s romantic about Koh Samui Thailand? Pretty much anything can be romantic, thanks to the wonderfully attractive environment of blue seas, blue skies, and white sand beaches. It’s a perfectly idyllic place to spend some time with someone special. And if you stay in a smaller resort outside of the main towns, you’ll also find some private space and peace and quiet – perfect when you are happy in each other’s company.

Romantic Activities for Couples on Koh Samui Thailand

8 Best Activities for Couples on Koh Samui, Thailand

1) Enjoy a Fabulous Dinner on the Beach

There’s nothing more romantic than watching the sunset over the ocean in Koh Samui as you settle down at your private table on the sand. The sound of the ocean is in the background, and the heat of the day is disappearing, and you can enjoy a wonderful meal with your loved one.

Most of the big resorts offer dining experiences on the beach, as do various the best restaurants. If you want an extraordinary meal, then head for one of the top resorts for an experience that you will never forget. And if you’re on a budget, you can still enjoy dinner on the beach together – simply choose a local seafood restaurant on the beach. You may not get the silver service, but you’ll still enjoy the wonderfully romantic atmosphere.

2) Get Some Special Time Together at the Spa

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to spas in Koh Samui. You’ll find high-end spas at the top resorts, where you can spend a day being pampered together in a special style. Or spend a little less and get a few treatments at a smaller spa on the island. Make sure you have a couple’s massage together and enjoy some aromatherapy, body scrubs, or facials. And don’t forget to take a dip in the pool.

3) Take a Private Picnic to the Beach

For a really romantic treat, book a private picnic retreat from your resort. This usually includes pick-up from your hotel to a secluded location, where your guide sets up a special picnic meal. You can even have a private couples picnic on one of the smaller islands close to Koh Samui Thailand. Before your meal is served, you can snorkel in the turquoise waters and relax on the beach afterward before being transported back to your hotel.

4) Enjoy a Fine-Dining Experience

Koh Samui is blessed with an abundance of wonderful restaurants to enjoy as a couple. Whatever your taste, you’re sure to find something that offers a romantic ambiance along with great food. Some of the top restaurants serve special set menus or choose from traditional Thai favorites. There’s really nothing more romantic than enjoying a special meal with just your loved one in lovely surroundings.

8 Best Activities for Couples on Koh Samui, Thailand

5) Take a Romantic Sailing Tour

Go one step further and take a trip on a romantic boat for an evening meal in the sunset. Choose a rustic sailing boat that caters to couples, and you can eat a wonderful meal as you quietly sail past the most beautiful parts of the Koh Samui coast. Some of the dinner evening cruises serve a buffet meal, while others are a sit-down menu.

6) Treat Your Loved One to Brunch on Koh Samui Thailand

Make sure you choose a special place for brunch, so you get more than the regular hotel breakfast fare. You’ll really enjoy a fresh seafood brunch with all the trimmings, plus cocktails or soft drinks. It’s perfect for when you’ve enjoyed a nice long lie-in on your romantic vacation.

7) A Seafood BBQ Fit for a Couple

One of the most special meals you can enjoy as a couple on Koh Samui is a beachfront BBQ serving local seafood delights. This is designed to set your taste buds alight and provide a beautiful ambiance to the meal. Where else will you be able to sample such fresh seafood in such a lovely location?

8) Enjoy a Romantic Afternoon Tea

If you haven’t tired of eating and drinking, add an afternoon tea at a Koh Samui Thailand Resort. Here you’ll enjoy a traditional British custom in Thai surroundings. You’ll appreciate the refreshing drinks and your choice of delicacies from the sweet and savory cart, with maybe a champagne toast to make it extra special.

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