Kata Noi sunset

10 of the Greatest Phuket Sunset Bars

Sunsets and cocktails. The two go together so well, they create an unforgettable night. Even more so when you enjoy a cool drink overlooking a vibrant sunset on the paradise island of Phuket.

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Hard Rock Pattaya

10 Best Nightlife Pattaya Spots

As the sun sets, the lights come on, and the bars and clubs open their doors wide. Here are some suggestions for top nightlife Pattaya spots.

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22 Best Places to Eat, Drink & Dance in Pattaya

Many people go to Pattaya to relax and have fun, so it is no surprise that this Thai resort has plenty to offer in terms of restaurants, cafes, bars, and clubs.

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Phuket Patong

11 Ways To Enjoy The Nightlife In Phuket

Patong is the center of nightlife in Phuket, with nightclubs, bars, and shows. Whether you want to dance, drink, or enjoy a concert, Patong has it all for you.

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Image via d.aniela/ Flickr

12 Reasons to Love the Bangkok Nightlife

If you’re in Bangkok, you need to sample the legendary nightlife. There’s something for everyone once the sun sets. Here are 12 reasons why the Bangkok nightlife rocks.

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View from Red Sky Bar/ Image via John_DL/ Flickr

11 of the Best Rooftop Bars in Bangkok

You haven’t seen Bangkok until you’ve seen it from the stylish environment of a rooftop bar. Choose one of these sky-high spots to sip a cocktail as the sun goes down over the city.

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