All You Need to Know About Rawai Beach, Phuket

Phuket has some beautiful beaches – and none more beautiful than Rawai Beach. Rawai Beach in Phuket may not be the most popular beach on the island, but it does have its own distinct charms and is a wonderful spot for getting away from it all.

Rawai Beach is not as famous as Phuket’s west coast spots, and it is not particularly suitable for swimming, so what exactly does it have in its favor? Take a look at all you need to know about Rawai Beach and what you can expect when you visit this best beach in Phuket and a piece of Phuket heaven.

Rawai Beach
Rawai/ Image via Lee LeFever/ Flickr

All About Rawai Beach

Rawai Beach is possibly the oldest beach in Phuket for public use and was originally a big hit with families from Phuket Town who came to the spot on Sundays to eat, drink, and sit beneath the trees. The beach is still popular on Sundays, but it has broadened its appeal.

Rawai Beach has a cape at both ends of the beach, so it has some excellent shaded spots, and it is a good choice for the hottest days in Phuket. Swimming is not recommended as many boats moored here, and the sea is largely shallow, especially when the tide goes out over the mudflats. To the west of the beach is Promthep Cape, a wonderful sunset view over the island and the ocean.

How to Get to Rawai

This beach is one of the easiest to reach in Phuket, and you take the central road through the center of Phuket to reach the beach by car. Everyone knows where it is, but the beach is not particularly busy due to its lack of swimming and sunbathing space.

Facilities at Rawai Beach

The main type of facility at Rawai Beach is related to boats – the beach is a major departure point for longtail boats heading out into the ocean to the smaller islands surrounding Phuket. If you want to take a boat tour, this is the place to start it. You will see various tour operators and boat owners offering their prices and routes on signs near the shore.

You’ll find a seafood market every day next to the east end of the beach, and there are a variety of small shops and stalls in the town serving drinks and snacks.

Rawai Beach Restaurants

There are plenty of small restaurants in the Rawai Beach area where you can eat to your heart’s content, with views over the ocean and towards the islands of Koh Bon and Koh Racha. The food choices are mainly rice, barbequed chicken, seafood, fish on the grill, and stuffed crab. Most of the meals are entirely fresh, and it’s one of the best places to get fresh seafood on the island. In addition, try the Evason Phuket Resort, which is a little further along the bay in the direction of Chalong.

Activities on Rawai Beach

Rawai isn’t really the place for watersports or lots of activity. It’s more of a spot for relaxing and more relaxing. You can also sit back and watch the people as they go about their day-to-day activities on the beach, pulling in their boats, unloading their catch of fish, and transporting goods on their longtail boats. This beach is for chilling out without the trappings of tourism.

About Rawai BeachRawai Beach/ Image via Flickr

Escape to a Nearby Island

When you make Rawai your base, you can easily take a trip to one of the smaller islands close to the shore. The nearest islands to Rawai include Koh Kaew, Koh Aeo, Koh Lon, and Koh Hae – this last one is also known as Coral Island. You can privately charter a boat to visit these islands, or you can take a tour that will lead you to several islands on the same day.

If you want to escape into the ocean for a few hours, hire a longtail boat with a boatman and go wherever the mood takes you – go fishing, visit a smaller beach along the coast, or drift around looking for the best island to stop at for a picnic.

Snorkeling is good towards the Promthep Cape area, and you’ll need a boat to get out there as many of the beaches in that area are privately owned.

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