9 Great Ways to get Active in Bangkok

Shopping, sightseeing, wining and dining, and clubbing are all very well – but did you know Bangkok has much more to offer if you want an active vacation? A city break in Bangkok does not have to take place inside malls and temples, although you’ll find these places interesting and intriguing. Bangkok may be famous for its nightlife and its designer stores but a Bangkok vacation could equally see you cycling through the historic neighborhoods of the city or enjoying a round of golf on a championship course. And if you want to be active without being too adventurous, how about a cooking class or some relaxing activities in the spa? Check out some of our ideas for ways to enjoy Bangkok that get you out and about and enjoying all this fantastic city has to offer.

Lumpini Park/ Image via eGuide Travel/ Flickr
Lumpini Park/ Image via eGuide Travel/ Flickr

1) Enjoy the Great Outdoors in Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park is the largest and the oldest expanse of green space in Bangkok. It’s the perfect place for Bangkok residents and visitors alike to grab a little peace and tranquility in the midst of the hectic city. The park is named after the birthplace of Buddha in Nepal and the entire space is over half a million square kilometers in size. You’ll see plenty of plants and flowers and you can walk, cycle, rest, do yoga, have a picnic, and much more.

2) Try Ice Skating in Bangkok

A fantastic excuse to beat the heat – head to the mall to get your legs working on the ice rink. There’s even one ice rink in the city that is full Olympic size. If you are not too sure on the ice you can take a lesson and there are also regular party events and music on the ice to keep you entertained.

3) Play a Round of Golf in Bangkok

You may not consider Bangkok to be the place for a good round of golf but there are a number of fantastic golf courses in the city that are accessible to visitors and residents. You’ll find world-class standard golf courses at competitive prices, and there has been a rapid increase in the popularity of golf tours and golf vacations in Thailand so you are sure to find something that suits your skills and style.

4) Surf in the Middle of Bangkok

If you can play golf in Bangkok, why shouldn’t you surf in the middle of the city? Go to the Flow Rider, an artificial wave machine that provides a permanent breaking wave for surf practice and an excellent workout. The Flow Rider is part of a beach club complex that also gives you the perfect chance to cool off in the midst of a hot summer. Learn a new sport and have fun with the family at the same time.

5) Treat Yourself to a Luxurious Spa Day

OK, so this activity is not entirely active – but you don’t have to break a sweat to have fun and be healthy. Bangkok is full of spas for all kinds of treatments, massage, and rejuvenating activities. You can go to a full-service luxury spa at a Bangkok hotel or have a simpler experience with a massage in one of the locally owned places.

6) Speed Up With Go Karting in Bangkok

The Easy Kart go-karting track is the largest in the city and located on Royal City Avenue. Go-karting is a fun and crazy activity for all the family and you can do it whether it’s baking hot or pouring down with rain. Find different carts for different ages and abilities, making this a great family activity.

7) Indulge with a Bangkok Cooking Class

Everyone loves Thai food, right? And if you are an amateur cook you’ll love finding out how to recreate those delicious Thai dishes in your home. Bangkok cooking classes are popular with beginners and more experienced cooks. You learn from Thai professionals and your class may also include a visit to the market to select fresh ingredients for your meal – which, of course, you will also find time to enjoy once you have prepared it.

Bangkok bikes/ Image via Arun Katiyar/ Flickr
Bangkok bikes/ Image via Arun Katiyar/ Flickr

8) Cycling in Bangkok

Taking a bike into the older, most interesting neighborhoods of Bangkok is an activity you’ll remember for the year. You are much more connected to your environment on the bike – you can smell the scents of cooking and watch the everyday lives of the Bangkok residents. You can head out of the city into the country to find off-the-beaten-track temples and beautiful scenery.

9) Learn Muay Thai Skills in Bangkok

Muay Thai may look crazy and aggressive but it is actually a fun way to get fit and develop your self-defense skills in a safe environment. People of all ages can enjoy a course in Muay Thai – the most prestigious organization is the Muay Thai Institute in Rangsit.

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