9 Great Attractions at Patong Beach

Patong Beach is the most popular destination on Phuket – and for good reason. Bustling and exciting Patong Beach is famous for its long stretch of sand and its crazy nightlife, but there are other attractions too that you cannot miss. Discover the nine things you have to do when you pay a visit to Patong.

Image via William Cho / Flickr
Image via William Cho / Flickr

1. Check out the Nightlife on Bangla Road

You simply cannot come to Patong Beach without getting involved in the action after the sun sets. Bangla Road is Patong Beach’s liveliest area at night, where hundreds of bars, clubs and restaurants compete for your attention in a hectic yet hugely entertaining way. You will always find plenty of people and some crazy activities – go with an open mind and enjoy it all!

2. Relax on Freedom Beach

If you’re looking for a beautiful stretch of sand where you can sunbathe, swim, or soak up the sun, head to the west coast of Phuket and Freedom Beach. This lovely bay is the place to relax and chill out, or maybe take part in a game of beach soccer or some snorkeling. This beach is relatively quiet as it is free from jet skis and other noisy marine machines.

3. Swim and Snorkel at Paradise Beach

If you think Patong is all about overcrowded beaches and crazy nightlife think again. Paradise Beach is a gorgeous getaway with a small stretch of sand and views over Patong Bay. You can swim here safely all year round, or go snorkeling in the clear waters. Check out Paradise Beach if you want to get away from it all for the day.

4. Take a Zip Wire Trip Above the Trees

Check out the stunning jungle canopy from up on high – the Flying Hanuman complex in Kathu is a zip wire experience that lets you see the beautiful Phuket flora and fauna from up above. The zip wire takes you through the jungle for an unforgettable Phuket experience.

5. See Wat Suwan Khiri Wong

Otherwise known as Wat Patong, this beautiful temple is a must-visit in Phuket. The temple is at the center of Thai Buddhist life and it is a lovely place to wander around – you get a sense of history as well as the culture of the island.

6. Take a Break at Kalim Beach

Just north of Patong Beach, Kalim Beach is quieter than the Patong stretch of sand and still has some local Thai touches. You can swim but the shore is rocky, and snorkeling is possible even though you can only do this at high tide. However, in low season Kalim is one of the best locations in Phuket for surfing. There are also some excellent restaurants within walking distance of this small beach area.

7. Hike Up Kathu Waterfall

Kathu Waterfall is more of a series of pools than a cascading waterfall, but it is a good place to visit to chill out and cool off. If you want to get to the top of the waterfall it is a difficult climb but there are plenty of pools to rest in on the way up. It is best to go after monsoon rainfall when the pools are at their fullest and most refreshing.

8. Cool Off at the Aqua Zone Water Park

If you’re looking for a fun place for the family, the Aqua Zone Water Park in Patong is a great destination. A variety of fun structures and water play activities are tethered to the sea bed and you can spend the day splashing in the water.

9. Visit the Beasts at Tiger Kingdom

If you want to get up close to some beautiful wild animals go to Tiger Kingdom, one of the newest attractions in Patong. These Indochinese tigers have been raised in the complex since birth, and you can even pet some of the smaller tigers.

Image via Walter Lim / Flickr
Image via Walter Lim / Flickr

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