8 Top Tips for Travel in Phuket

Phuket is one of the most popular places in Thailand. It boasts gorgeous white sand beaches, a wealth of entertainment and dining options, and beautiful surroundings. If you are looking forward to a trip to this paradise island, here are some of our tips for travel in Phuket. Make the most of your adventure!

8 Top Tips for Travel in Phuket

1) Getting From Phuket Airport

If your hotel offers a pickup service then it is a good idea to use this as you will otherwise spend quite a lot on a private taxi. You will probably have around an hour’s transfer to your resort. If you want to take a taxi then the best prices come from the metered taxis that wait to the right of the exit to the airport. You can also get a bus to Patong.

2) Transport Tips for Getting Around Phuket

You may or may not need to use local transport when you stay in Phuket. For many people, it is enough to walk between their resort and the bars, restaurants, and beach in the local town. But there are occasions when it is good to get further afield.

You have four options when it comes to transport on Phuket: taxi bikes, tuk-tuks, taxis, and car or motorbike rental (more on that a bit later.)

The first three options vary in price. In general, the taxi bike is cheap and it can be much easier to get through the traffic in busy towns when you take a taxi bike. However, be aware that the drivers can take crazy risks and it is not for the faint-hearted (or anyone without travel insurance.) Tuk-tuks are a good option but make sure that you negotiate a price before you get in. Some tuk-tuk drivers will overcharge so be sure to try another if you think the price is too high. Taxis are more expensive but still good value. If you find a driver with a good price ask for him to be your driver on other trips.

3) Renting Cars and Bikes in Phuket

Renting a small motorbike or scooter is a popular option for getting around Phuket. You can find bike rentals everywhere and can also usually organize one from your hotel. Be aware that you need to have insurance in place before you ride otherwise you risk being left high and dry should you have an accident. There are a variety of car rental offices on Phuket and at the airport. You will most likely need to bring an international license with you as well as your regular license from your home country.

4) Tips for Swimming in Phuket

If you are traveling in the high season you will find most of the waters off Phuket are ideal for swimming. At this time the waters are calm and most beaches have a shallow slope into the sea which makes them great for children. On busier beaches, there will be areas of the ocean that are designated for swimmers only. Use these areas as you may risk running into jet skis or boats if you swim outside them.

5) How to Be a Great Guest in Phuket

Take note of how to behave in Phuket to avoid offending anyone. Thai people are very warm and friendly but they do not tend to be aggressive or raise their voices so it is a good idea not to lose your temper when you are negotiating with someone – this behavior is not particularly well respected. Never talk in a bad way about the royal family, and respect the conventions at local wats (temples), including how to dress.

6) Getting a Massage in Phuket

Phuket is just filled with massage parlors. You can get any type of massage imaginable, from hot stones to traditional Thai. Choose a parlor that looks popular and is air-conditioned and clean. There is a lot of choices. You will also find spas at the major resorts which will be more expensive but offer a truly luxurious service.

7) What to Eat in Phuket

Phuket has a fantastic range of restaurants, bars, and cafes so you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to eating out. Try traditional Thai meals and you will also find a wide range of western favorites on offer. The price of eating out really does vary depending on where you go. There are many popular and expensive resort restaurants and high-class spots for a romantic dinner, but you can also eat very well at street stalls and small local beach restaurants.

8) How to Find the Best Beaches in Phuket

Patong is the most popular resort town on the island but it is not for everyone. It is very crowded and while the beach is nice, it is not the best. You could choose to base yourself at another beach on Phuket and benefit from better surroundings and a more relaxed pace.

Karon Beach is a popular option and along with the peaceful Kata and Kata Noi beaches, it is a good option since it is only around 20 minutes’ drive from Patong. In the south, you have Rawai and Nai Harn, and to the north, there are Kamala Beach, Surin Beach, and Bang Tao beach.

8 Top Tips for Travel in Phuket

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