8 Exciting Adventure Activities in Laos

While its cities and towns may be more explored, the countryside in Laos is perfect for adventurous outdoor activities. Laos is your destination if you love to climb, run, walk, kayak, or swim. There is a wide choice of exciting adventure activities for all tastes. Take a look at some of the best in this rundown.

Laos has become popular among overseas visitors for the laidback atmosphere, culture, and beauty of its towns. But it is also gaining in popularity for the beauty and variety in the countryside, which makes it an excellent place to enjoy some active outdoor pursuits.

Adventurous Activities to Try in Laos

8 Exciting Adventure Activities in Laos

1) Si Phan Don Kayak Tour

Si Phan Don is also known as the Four Thousand Islands, and this location is perfect for some relaxation away from the bustle of the cities. But you can also take a more active stance and get involved in some fun and adventurous activities in Laos, like kayaking. This archipelago of islands is perfect for kayaking. Hire a kayak yourself or take an organized kayaking tour and see the islands’ beauty from the water. You may even be lucky enough to encounter an endangered dolphin – the Irrawaddy dolphin lives in these unique waters.

2) Climbing in Vang Vieng

If you’re looking for adventure and the chance to scale some heights, head to Vang Vieng in Laos. Here is where you will find excellent climbing opportunities on the limestone karsts. Hundreds of marked trails and bolted routes are suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced climbers. If you get tired of climbing in Vang Vieng, you can also head to Tha Khaek in the middle of the country, where you will find a climbing camp set in the heart of the karsts, with some fantastic overhangs to try.

3) Trek to the 100 Waterfalls

This hike is a pretty challenging one, and it involves trekking up through a series of different waterfalls. The 100 waterfalls trek is in northern Laos, and you start from the small village of Nong Khiaw. The hike is more of a scramble than a gentle walk, and you will often find yourself submerged in water and climbing up with the help of ropes. It’s a great way to cool down in the heat! You can take a guided tour to trek the waterfalls with various tour operators in the region.

8 Exciting Adventure Activities in Laos

4) Take a Zip Line through the Forest

Ziplining is the perfect way to see the countryside from a different angle, and it is wildly exciting to boot. You can take The Gibbon Experience zip line tour in northern Laos. Here you can fly over the forests up to 500 meters above the ground, and you can also stay in a treehouse for the night that you can only reach by zip line.

5) Visit a Lesser-Known Khmer Temple Site

Angkor Wat is a must-see in Cambodia, but when you are in Laos and want an adventurous visit to a temple site, you must visit Wat Phu. This is located in the province of Champasak, and it is a ruined complex full of crumbling structures and beautiful vegetation. It is a lovely place to visit that is essentially free of the crowds you get at Angkor Wat. Champasak village is an excellent place to stay as a base while you explore the surrounding area.

6) Take a Boat Trip into the Caves

Take a small boat and venture into the Tham Kong Lo cave system if you want adventure at a leisurely river pace. This cave is around 7km long, and it is nearly 100m high, so it is awe-inspiring to see. After traveling in on the boat, you can stop and explore the surroundings on foot.

7) Take a Different Tour

If you want to see a completely different side of life, take a tour of Laos’s Vieng Xai cave system. This cave system existed from the Vietnam War when thousands of people lived underground to survive the bombing of the cities. There were hospitals, markets, and entertainment venues underground, and you can tour this vast site with experienced guides.

8) Enjoy a Laos Bike Trip

One of the best ways to explore this country is by bike. You can travel alone or go on an organized tour. There are many different trails and paths to take, from remote mountainous paths to jungle riding. Renting a bike is simple, but you can also get help from an experienced guide on an organized tour.

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