7 Unmissable Attractions in Thailand

You already know you are onto a winner when you book a flight to Thailand. There is so much to see and do, it really will not disappoint. But unless you have unlimited time to spare, you must choose a few places to visit – which is a hard task.

Thailand in Southeast Asia offers all the creature comforts you need for a luxury stay, but also provides enough of an off-the-beaten-track adventure to satisfy your wanderlust. But where do you go? You can’t go wrong – whether you focus on the beaches in the south of the country, the hills in the north, or a bit of both, you will find something to make your stay truly memorable when you visit Thailand.

Here are some Thai classics you need to add to your list. Where is your favorite place in Thailand?

Best Thailand Tips

1) Khao Yai National Park

When you go to Khao Yai National Park you have the ideal opportunity to see elephants in their natural habitat. Since elephants are so special in Thailand, this is an unmissable chance. The National Park is a beautiful place where elephants roam alongside other wildlife, in an environment full of waterfalls, tropical plants, and rich jungle. You can visit the park on a day trip or even stay in it to experience the full beauty of the sunrise and sunset.

2) Sukhothai Old City

This is the ancient capital of Thailand – Sukhothai is a ruined capital full of gorgeous old buildings and many photo opportunities. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and you will find much of the old city preserved and restored. You can look around wats, and wander in restored gardens. Photographers will appreciate all there is to offer in this famous site.

3) Ayutthaya Old City

The historic Ayutthaya is located just a short drive or train ride from Bangkok, so you can take in this site if you are pressed for time on a day trip. This city offers some interesting ruins and you can get a true glimpse of how life was before the fall of ancient Thailand. If you want to stay longer there is plenty to explore also in the new city.

4) Railay Beach

When you go to Krabi you visit some of the most stunning beach territories in Thailand, if not in the world. Krabi is a great place for some rest and relaxation, and Railay Beach is top quality. You get clear blue waters, beautiful white sand, and a village with a lot of character. If you want to get to this Thai beauty you need to take the ferry from Krabi Town or Ao Nang, but it really is not a difficult journey.

When you are tired of lying on the beach, if that is ever possible, then the rock climbing is a major draw. The limestone cliffs offer challenging climbs as well as some great photo opportunities. You can also go elephant trekking, take a kayak out into the bay, go snorkeling, or get yourself a beachside massage.

5) Pai

If you are more of a mountain person than a beach bum, the north of Thailand is where you want to go. While Thailand is most commonly depicted in images of white sand beaches, there is actually a vast stretch of mountainous country in the north which is stunning to see. Pai is in Mae Hong Son province in Thailand and is a wonderful base to explore the beautiful surroundings. It is also an ideal spot for backpackers and there are many things to do in the area as well as hiking and walking, including sampling the lovely home cooking, visiting temples and waterfalls, and going to the Pai Canyon.

6) Koh Phi Phi

Located in the province of Krabi, Koh Phi Phi is a getaway from it all destination for a day trip or a longer stay, in the middle of a stunning ocean. If you want to explore the network of islands you can go on your own in a kayak or rent a boat with a driver. Take a snorkeling tour or visit the nearby Maya Bay.

Grand Palace Bangkok

7) The Grand Palace, Bangkok

Bangkok has some stunning sights and the most impressive is the Grand Palace. This is the most popular spot in the city for tourists and you can’t miss it when you visit the capital. It’s not just a palace building – the grounds are full of temples and gardens, beautiful carvings and stunning statues. The Temple of the Emerald Buddha is one particularly impressive site. As well as visiting the Grand Palace, make sure you see the famous Wat Po and visit Wat Arun, which is a lovely spot for watching the sunset.

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Photo credits:  tontantravel and Prachanart Viriyaraks/ Flickr

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