15 Of The Best National Parks Road Trip In South Korea

You may be surprised to learn that South Korea is not all bright lights and modern cities – it has over 20 National Parks. That’s pretty impressive in such a small country – we took a look at the best National Parks in Korea to find out where you can get a taste of nature and fresh air.

National Parks Road Trip Tips

1) Bukhansan

The Bukhansan national park is the closest national park to Seoul and therefore is very popular. It has some great hiking trails, temples, and scenery and makes a great break from the hectic life in the city, and it is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Korea.

Best National Parks Road Trip in South Korea

2) Chiaksan

Chiaksan is also close to the capital, and it has a lot of valleys and rocky ridges characterizing its open spaces. The hiking here is quite challenging, and there are some lovely temples and waterfalls to visit.

3) Dadohaehaesang

The largest national park in the country is found in Jeollanam-do province, which is in the southwest of Korea. And it is also notable for being a marine park. There are only four marine parks in the whole country. There are three islands in the national park, Heuksando, Baekdo, and Hongdo, and from here, you can see thousands of examples of different bird and plant species, as well as a lot of underwater life.

4) Seoraksan

This Korean national park is one of the best-loved in the country as it is home to some stunning mountain ranges and a variety of flora and fauna. It is awe-inspiring for its collection of pine trees and other tree species, which means it is a popular place to visit in the autumn or fall as the leaves change color.

5) Gyeongju

This is a historic national park and notable for being the capital city of the ancient Silla Dynasty. This park is impressive for its gardens, temples, and other historic structures, and it is a peaceful place to visit and soak up some of the past.

6) Byeonsan-bando

This national park has it all – a great mix of mountains and forests, cliffs and beaches. There are many different hiking trails, and the coastline is imposing. This national park is not as busy as others, but it truly does offer something for everybody. It is a great place to enjoy a camping trip.

7) Jirisan

This is the largest national park in South Korea that is all based on land. At Jirisan, there are some fantastic scenic views across the landscape and many hiking trails to explore. The variety of flora and fauna is impressive, as too are the temples scattered around the park to explore.

8) Songnisan

The mountain range in this national park is impressive and features an ancient temple – Beopjusa Temple, located at the foot of the mountains. It was built in 653. This national park is a national favorite and is located in the center of Korea, making it easily accessible for most people in the country.

9) Hallasan

Hallasan is located in the south of the country on the island of Jeju. It contains the highest mountain in the country, Hallasan, and there are many different trails you can take to see various parts of the island.

15 of the Best National Parks in South Korea

10) Mudeungsan

The cliffs in Mudeungsan are over 70 million years old and are very impressive. There is also a temple to visit is among the rock formations and many trails to walk to discover more of the park.

11) Odaesan

This national park has the largest woodland area in the country, located in Gangwon province. This park is full of wildlife and has plenty of floral life in the spring.

12) Sobaeksan

Sobaeksan is probably the best national park to visit in the wintertime since it has a lot of beauty in this season. And it is also a great place to stay in the spring when it is alive with wildflowers. This park is in the center of the country.

13) Taeanhaean

One of Korea’s marine parks, Taeanhaean, has masses of coastline and plenty of beaches, cliffs, and islands to visit. It is a spectacular place located in the west of the country, and it is also famous for its large dune.

14) Wolchulsan

Wolchulsan National Park is famous for its Cloud Bridge, a suspension bridge that stretches 52 meters across the gorge. It is a place full of peaks and trails, waterfalls, and mountains. It has a lot of natural beauty, and the courses are available in varying levels of difficulty.

15) Woraksan

Final National Parks Road Trip Tip in South Korea; Woraksan National Park is famous for its valleys and beautiful waterfalls. It is a great place to visit lakes, especially Chungju Lake, and there are also some hot springs to enjoy when you get tired climbing mountains and hiking valley trails.

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