14 of the Most Beautiful Places to Visit in the Philippines

Beautiful Places to Visit in the Philippines

Wondering where to go in the Philippines? You can’t go wrong with our list of the most beautiful places to visit in the Philippines, one of the most stunning countries in the world. With 7,000 (plus!) islands in the Philippines, it can be challenging to work out where to go. The incredible beauty of the Batanes hills and the wonderfully idyllic Lake Sebu. There are lovely paradise islands and some unique rice plantations.

Please find out more about the most beautiful Philippines locations with this list of some of our favorites. Where is the most beautiful place in the Philippines for you?

1. Camiguin

The island province of Camiguin is also known as the Island Born of Fire – and that’s because it is home to many different volcanoes, from Mount Mambajao to Mount Vulcan. The volcanoes are genuinely awe-inspiring, but this is also a beautiful place to visit for other reasons. It is a secluded, peaceful island with beautiful waterfalls and hot springs and some historic buildings and churches.

2. Coron, Palawan

This is a stereotypical beautiful island paradise. Here you have the crystal-clear ocean and the palm trees, the white sand, and the limestone cliffs. It is a lovely place to visit, full of natural beauty. It is also beautiful underwater, with some great diving, including the hidden wrecks.

3. Batanes

Batanes is one of the places you must visit in the Philippines for its natural beauty and sense of wonder. It is full of rolling hills and cliffs, dramatic landscapes, and otherworldly vistas. Explore the shores littered with boulders and look for the deep canyons that provide the drama in this landscape.

4. El Nido, Palawan

This is a beach destination with a difference – it is beautiful. El Nido is blessed with clear waters, white sands, fascinating caves, and some secluded beaches. It is also famed for its dramatic limestone cliffs and the jungle. El Nido is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines.

5. Tubbataha Reef

The Tubbataha Reef is located in the Sulu Sea in the Philippines and is a protected marine sanctuary. It is terrific for diving, with a range of beautiful sights just below the surface to explore. You need to get out onto the water here to see the true beauty of the national marine park.

6. Banaue Rice Terraces

The intriguing Banaue Rice Terraces are a beautifully unique attraction in the Philippines. They are historical, as ancient tribes made them, and they now look like giant steps that float towards the blue sky.

7. Boracay

This small island in the Philippines is packed full of wonderfully beautiful beaches, and this is the place to come when you want to enjoy a cocktail overlooking the ocean as the sunsets. It is also the place to try your hand at snorkeling, scuba diving, horse riding, and more – it is an action paradise that offers some excellent nightlife.

8. Camotes, Cebu

The islands of Camotes are remote enough for some peaceful beach time. They are beautiful and possess minimal amenities to provide you with a wonderfully rustic beach experience in the Philippines.

14 of the Most Beautiful Places to Visit in the Philippines

9. Lake Sebu

Lake Sebu is stunning. It has some lovely lake vistas and is a beautiful place to see waterfalls and get to know the indigenous hill tribes of the country. Lake Sebu is a lovely place to come when you’re looking for a Philippines getaway with a difference.

10. Malapascua Island

Malapascua Island is home to some small and lovely fishing villages. It is an excellent place for diving, and it is also a fantastic place for lounging on the beach. This is a beautiful coastline with white sand and palm trees.

11. Vigan

The city of Vigan is a UNESCO World Heritage City, and it is packed with cultural highlights like some old churches and cathedrals. This is a beautiful place to come if you like history and culture, and you want to relax in a place with some lovely old buildings.

12. Puerto Galera

This beach paradise is not far from the city of Manila and makes a beautiful getaway from the hectic lifestyle of the town. It has some lovely beaches and some excellent diving and snorkeling.

13. Catanduanes

If you want to see a beautiful place in the Philippines for a specific reason, visit Catanduanes. This province is windswept and wild, with lovely mountain vistas and towering cliffs. There are loads of historic buildings and some scenic grasslands to visit.

14. Chocolate Hills

You can’t visit the Philippines without going to the Chocolate Hills. These are the distinct mounds that are scattered across the island of Bohol. These mounds are covered with grass, turning brown in the dry season. They are a truly unique attraction in the Philippines.

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