12 Reasons to Love the Bangkok Nightlife

If you’re in Bangkok, you need to sample the legendary nightlife. What’s great about nighttime entertainment in Bangkok is it’s so varied – whatever your tastes it’s got you covered. Whether you enjoy sipping cocktails in a chic sky top bar or dancing the night away in a packed club, there’s something for everyone once the sun sets in Bangkok. Here are 12 reasons why the Bangkok nightlife rocks.

12 Reasons to Love the Bangkok Nightlife
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1) Bangkok Truly Has Something for Everyone

You can enjoy pretty much anything from a sedate river cruise to a rowdy night drinking beer in Khao San Road. Or shopping in the night market, checking out a museum, enjoying top DJs and drinking expensive cocktails, or having a world-class meal. What’s more, each different venue is just a short cab or tuk-tuk ride from each other. If you want to combine visiting the night market with dancing the night away at a top club you easily can – there are no restrictions in Bangkok. It makes it easy to find something to do whether you are out with friends, your partner, your colleagues, or your family.

2) You Don’t Need to Dress Up (But it Sometimes Helps)

There are places in Bangkok where it pays to be wearing the latest designer clothes but on the whole, Bangkok doesn’t care what you wear when you turn up to the party. Your own unique style is welcomed. If you don’t care to dress up, you don’t have to – sneakers and a T-shirt are good. But if you want to pull out the stops and dress to impress you’ll find plenty of company at the chic bars with the stylish Thais.

3) Bangkok is the Place for Rooftop Bars

You can try a different rooftop bar every night of the week. The views from these great places are amazing. Watch the sunset with a cocktail in hand then chill out with drinks and a meal at one of Bangkok’s top nightspots high above the crazy city.

4) Bangkok Has the Friendliest Party-Goers

We haven’t done a study on this but we think you’ll find that Bangkok’s party people are among the friendliest in the world. Wherever you go you’re sure to end the night with more friends than you began.

5) You Can Continue Partying After the Bars Close

Bangkok may not have the latest opening hours for bars but there are plenty of other places you can go once final orders have been called. Massive clubs and tiny spaces, loud and boisterous places or cute and intimate locations – Bangkok doesn’t stop when the bars do.

6) There’s Always a Secret Exclusive to Discover

Check out that private club that’s just opened, or the rooftop pool party that’s happening tonight. Go to the concert that just popped up, or visit the new and exclusive bar that has a code word to get in. If you don’t know where these secret exclusives are taking place, find someone who does!

12 Reasons to Love the Bangkok Nightlife
Image via Mike Darnell/ Flickr
7) You Too Can Be A VIP

You don’t need big bucks to hang out with the celebrities. Many places are highly accessible to both the ordinary partygoer and the celebrity star – find these places and star spot to your heart’s content.

8) If You’re Hungry, Bangkok Has You Covered

Need a snack at 2 am? No problem. You’ll find stalls selling snacks and whole meals wherever you are enjoying the nightlife. You can chow down on burgers or noodles, fried chicken or curry. If you’re hungry you don’t have to go to a restaurant. But Bangkok has some amazing restaurants when you want a full meal sitting down.

9) Check out the Karaoke Rooms

Japan started this craze and Bangkok continues it. Belt out the classics in a private karaoke room with your friends. Beer and drinks are brought to the door and you can enjoy singing along to your favorite tunes without fear of being laughed at by strangers.

10) Need Something Different? Try Neon Bowling

Every big mall has its own bowling lanes that are transformed into neon-lit party places after dark. You can even bowl to the music of a live DJ and enjoy all the beer you can drink, plus snacks.

11) Your Lifestyle DOESN’T Matter

Bangkok is famously tolerant of all kinds of lifestyles from gay to transgender and more – you won’t feel intimidated when you go out in Bangkok.

12) Bangkok Nightlife is Never Cold!

If you’ve experienced having to dress up in four layers of clothing with snow boots just to get to the bar where you live, you’ll appreciate the fact that in Bangkok you’ll never freeze walking to a club. Bangkok is always warm, no matter when you visit. Even the rain is warm.

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