12 Family Activities in Hua Hin

Hua Hin is the perfect place to be if you want to do more than lie on the beach on your trip to Thailand. While the beach is perfect in Hua Hin, sometimes you want to do more with your family. Luckily in Hua Hin, you have a range of options for fun, exciting family activities.

Looking for sports or active pursuits? Want to do something a bit more cultural? Hua Hin has plenty to occupy you and your family. Read on to find out more about what to do in Hua Hin and where to go to have a fun day or afternoon.

Hua Hin

Hua Hin/ Pranav Bhasin/ Flickr

Active Things To Do In Hua Hin

1) Play Golf

Do you love to get in a round of golf when you are on vacation? If so, Hua Hin is your place. There are eight different golf courses within half an hour’s drive of Hua Hin so you don’t have to play the same course twice. The golf courses cater to all abilities and you don’t need to be a member to play. Many hotels will organize golf packages with pick-up from your resort.

2) Go Fishing

Hua Hin is located on the Gulf of Thailand and there are plenty of opportunities for fishing on the ocean or inland for freshwater fish. Older children and adults will enjoy a boat trip with fishing at sea, and there are also opportunities for spotting more wildlife.

3) Try Kiteboarding

Kitesurfing is a great pastime for the vacation and it’s an exciting sport to try. Hua Hin has a selection of kiteboarding or kitesurfing schools where you can hire the gear and get instruction. With the wide sandy beaches, Hua Hin is the ideal place to learn during the windy season from December to February.

4) Gym and Fitness

If you want to keep your strength and fitness levels up while you are on vacation, drop into one of the gyms or fitness centers at the main hotels in Hua Hin. Most will allow guests to take advantage of the facilities for a small fee.

5) Visit Elephants at a Camp

Get up close to the elephants at a special elephant camp set up just outside the center of Hua Hin. You can feed the elephants and take a closer look at how they live. The camp is great for children.

6) Take a Bike Ride or Walk

There are no particular bike routes or walking paths in Hua Hin but there are plenty of places you can go on foot or on a bike. Keep safe and keep children safe by wearing bright clothing and sticking to the quieter roads.

7) Visit the ATV Park

The Cha Am ATV Park is ideal for all the family when you have older children. There are three tracks and a variety of features to test your driving skills.

8) Do Diving & Snorkeling

Perfect for active families, diving and snorkeling are great fun and you can see some lovely fish and other water creatures. There are a variety of places in and around the waters of Hua Hin for diving and snorkeling. Many operators run tours to impressive sights.

9) Try Karting

There is a Go Kart track and center a short distance from the center of Hua Hin. Take the family and practice your driving on specially designed tracks. You can also drive at night under floodlights.

Hua Hin horseriding

Hua Hin horseriding/ Image via Michael Coghlan/ Flickr

10) Go Horse Riding

Horse riding is a very popular pastime in Hua Hin and there are many places you can find horses to hire, and experienced guides to take you on the beach and tell you how to ride – if you are a beginner.

Healthy Things to Do in Hua Hin

11) Get a Thai Massage

You will find a wide variety of massage places in Hua Hin, including in the major resorts and hotels and in the town center. You’ll be spoilt for choice, and there is no better way to wind down after a long and active day than with a Massage.

Cultural Activities in Hua Hin

12) Take a Thai Cooking Class

Adults and children can get involved with a special part of Thai culture – food. Thai cooking classes are great when you love creating in the kitchen. You get an introduction to the techniques in Thai cooking and the ingredients, as well as instruction on how to create your own dishes. In many cases, you will visit a market and shop for the ingredients yourself before cooking.

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