11 Classic Phuket Experiences

Phuket is a rich and varied island with something for everyone. But there are some Phuket activities and attractions that you just have to experience – classic moments that are truly Phuket. Don’t leave the island without experiencing these Phuket treasures.

1) Stay in a Beachfront Hotel

When the ocean is as stunning as it is on Phuket, you want to maximize the experience. Stay in a place where you can see the ocean as soon as you throw open the curtains, or when you head down to the restaurant for breakfast. Staying in a beachfront hotel is not possible everywhere, so make the most of the opportunity when you are visiting Phuket. Beachfront hotels can be luxurious and expensive or more economical yet still with wonderful sea views. Kata Beach is the perfect location, and Kamala offers luxury hillside hotel experiences overlooking the ocean.

Phang Nga Phuket

Phang Nga Bay/ Image via Joan Campderrós-i-Canas/ Flickr


2) Visit Phang Nga Bay

You can’t come to Phuket without experiencing the beauty of Phang Nga Bay. The towering limestone cliffs are truly unique and stunning. If you take a tour, choose one with kayaking involved. In a kayak, you get close to the rocks and caves and see the area at a leisurely pace.

3) Go to the Similan Islands

It may take a little time to reach these islands but it is worth it as they are beautiful, and you will remember the trip for a long time. Don’t leave Phuket without visiting – expect to do nothing much once you are there except take in the natural surroundings (and maybe do a little diving).

4) Enjoy a Seafood Feast

You can’t come to Phuket and miss out the seafood. Phuket offers an abundance of gloriously fresh seafood including lobster, crab, prawns, and squid. You can enjoy your seafood fix in an upmarket restaurant or a local place with cheaper prices. Wherever you go, you’ll be coming back for more.

5) Rent a Car and Explore the Island

Or better still, rent a car with a driver so you can just sit back, relax and stare at the scenery. Phuket is a small island and with a car you can check out, all the hard-to-reach places with ease.

6) Go Shopping

Whether you want to stock up on designer brands at cheaper prices than back home, or you’re simply out of sunscreen, visit Central Festival in Phuket. The largest mall on the island, Central Festival offers all kinds of goods at reasonable prices. The food court is also worth a visit.

7) Take Part in Some Water Sports

Phuket is surrounded by ocean so it wouldn’t be right not to indulge in a few water sports while you are here. All the main beaches have beach activities like jet skis, windsurfing, banana boats and more. If you want to try a more extreme sport, give wakeboarding a try at the Cable Ski center in Phuket.

Wat Chalong

Wat Chalong/ Image via Nicolas Lannuzel/ Flickr


8) Visit Wat Chalong

The most famous and largest temple on Phuket is Wat Chalong. Visit to see the exquisite Buddha images and to experience the peace and tranquility associated with this special place on Phuket.

9) Party in Phuket

You can’t leave the island without experiencing the unique nightlife of Phuket – go to Patong Beach to check out all the lively activities on offer and to do some people-watching in this crazy place. There are more than enough bars and clubs for your needs and you are bound to make some new friends after a night out in Patong.

10) Visit a Fresh Market

The local Phuket markets selling fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and seafood are called fresh markets. You’ve got to experience this classic Phuket location and smell the different smells, check out the huge range of foods, and even sample some of the delicacies.

11) Check Out Old Phuket Town

Don’t miss the chance to experience some authentic sino-portuguese living by visiting historic shophouses and mansions in Old Phuket Town. The perfect place to wander and sight-see, with a range of small shops for souvenirs and coffee shops for refreshment.

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