10 Reasons to Go to Phuket on Your Round-the-World Trip

Are you planning a gap year or a round-the-world travel adventure? With so many places to see, it can be difficult to know where to go. We think this large island off the coast of Thailand, with its bright white beaches and fantastic nightlife, should be on your list. Here are 10 reasons to visit Phuket.

10 Reasons to Visit Phuket on Your Gap Year

Go to Phuket
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1. Phuket’s Islands

If you visit Phuket, you are not just visiting one island but potentially hundreds. Where else can you see so much and get away from it all so easily? Phuket’s islands are gorgeous and range in size from tiny and uninhabited to the home of large resorts. Phi Phi Island is a must-visit (site of The Beach), as are Coral Island and the Racha Islands. There are so many possibilities you don’t need to stay in Phuket for long. When you are on a budget, you can cut the cost of visiting these islands by taking public ferries where they are available or long-tail boats. Don’t forget to take your snorkeling gear for the clear waters.

2. Patong

The buzzing center of Phuket, Patong Beach, is wild, crazy, and totally suited to travelers on gap years and round-the-world trips. The beach is always buzzing with people, and the nightlife is the liveliest in Phuket. You won’t need to go far to find a welcoming bar and many people to hang out with. Patong is where you base yourself if you want to party and meet new friends.

3. Bangla Road Nightlife

In particular, Bangla Road in Patong is where to see and be seen. The party atmosphere spills into the streets, and the whole place is alive with festivity and naughty behavior. Try the notorious “buckets,” and you may not make it to the next stop on your RTW tour in time….

4. Sun, Sun, Sun

Come here on your gap year to chill out and soak up the sun – which always seems to shine. Even the rainstorms, when they come, don’t last for long. The sun is bright all year, and the temperatures are high, making Phuket the ideal beach destination on a round-the-world ticket.

5. Yummy Thai Food

The food in Phuket is excellent – fresh local seafood and some great Thai delicacies. Plus, the best thing is you can eat very cheaply by buying your meals from stalls on the night market or going to a cheap local restaurant. The quality is great, and you’ll also enjoy an authentic atmosphere. If you want to splash out, many restaurant options won’t break the bank. Learn more about Thai food!

Phuket Travel Tips
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6. Checking Out the Gorgeous Sunsets

Go to one of the best places in the world to watch the sunset – Promthep Cape on Phuket Island. This location is a prime spot to watch the gorgeous colors of the sunset over the ocean and the island. It’s a popular place but worth seeing what will be an unforgettable sight.

7. Watch a Fun Cabaret Show

You can’t miss the Simon Cabaret in Phuket. It is hard to believe these performers are not women – their looks and skills are unmistakable! You won’t find anything like this anyplace else in the world.

8. Visit the Big Buddha and Wat Chalong

The Big Buddha is an impressive sight, and while it may not be your first reason for choosing to visit Phuket, it is certainly one of the things you need to do once you are there. You can see the Big Buddha perched up in the hills from practically all over the south of the island, and from the top, you get great views over the bays. Wat Chalong is the most popular temple on the island, but there are around 28 other temples that you can also visit.

9. Siam Niramit

Come to this popular attraction for the lengthy evening show as well as to look around the museum and dress up in Traditional Thai costumes. You won’t forget the show – it’s completely over the top but informative and entertaining.

10. Watersports and Activities

When you’ve had enough of the nightlife and are tired of lying on the beach, get active during the day by taking up an action sport. Diving and snorkeling are popular for good reasons – the water is warm and clear and, in certain places, full of amazing wildlife. Or try surfing or kite surfing. You can also go on elephant safaris, treks, and bike rides in the hills. Phuket is an ideal place for an active stop on your RTW trip.

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