10 of the Most Amazing Restaurants in Tokyo

With a staggering number of Michelin-starred restaurants and a range of cuisine that rivals any city in the world, Tokyo should be top of any foodie’s list. Tokyo is a truly wonderful city for upscale, inventive dining. Here you’ll find such a diverse offering of quality restaurants it is a struggle to pick just a few as highlights.

If you want to visit an amazing Tokyo restaurant, you can’t go wrong with something on this list. Here is a restaurant for every taste, from traditional Japanese cooking stations to sushi favorites. What do you think? Where’s your favorite place in Japan or Tokyo for an unforgettable meal?

Tokyo Restaurants

1) Narisawa

Head chef Yoshihiro Narisawa was trained in Europe and he continues using cooking techniques from Italy and France alongside his emphasis on Japanese ingredients. This results in a diverse and tasty range of dishes that are aligned with the seasons in Japan.

2) Nihonryori RyuGin

Here you’ll find a wonderful balance of traditional Japanese cooking styles along with a fresh take on these old favorites. The menu is a full tasting menu with some a la carte options occasionally on offer. The restaurant uses a range of playful and inventive techniques to set up a restaurant that is bursting with style and serving some flavorful dishes.

3) Takazawa

If you want a truly exclusive dining experience, try Takasawa. This place only has four tables, and it is a simple place serving truly outstanding food. The food is great and the presentation is also appealing, making this the place to come for a memorable meal.

4) Ishikawa

This is another classic restaurant in Tokyo offering a range of dishes that usually come in the form of a fixed set of courses. Diners have appetizers, soups, sashimi dishes, and then a main which is normally a grilled meat or fish. You can sit around the counter watching the chefs prepare the meal or in private dining areas.

5) Joël Robuchon

Robuchon is run by famous chef Joël Robuchon, who also runs a number of other restaurants around the globe. This restaurant serves a unique take on French classics, with a great set menu that varies from day to day, and some a la carte choices. The desserts are equally as delicious and include such delights as grape mocha served with a honey coulis.

6) L’Effervescence

This is a quirky restaurant with some tasty, surprising dishes and an excellent range of desserts that are worth visiting for alone. The restaurant décor is in an elegant Japanese style and there is a fine wine list to accompany the lovely food.

7) Quintessence

Here you will find a range of wonderful dishes made from high-quality ingredients, expertly prepared and flavored with a range of exquisite herbs and spices. The featured dishes change each day based on seasonally available produce.

10 of the Most Amazing Restaurants in Tokyo 1

8) Sukiyabashi Jiro

This is one of the most amazing places in the city to dine on sushi. This is a famous, long-standing restaurant that has served presidents and prime ministers. It gives diners a tasting menu of around 20 courses and the dining is usually quick since high-quality sushi is designed to be consumed as soon as possible following preparation.

9) Sushi Saito

Another outstanding sushi restaurant, Sushi Saito is a warm and friendly place with three Michelin stars. The sushi is made from aged fish and a careful combination of fresh wasabi and soy sauce. It is a special place to sample this special Japanese dish.

10) Ginza Kojyu

Ginza Kojyu is the perfect place to experience the traditional kaiseki dining style. Dedicated servers talk about each dish as it is being prepared at the counter within the restaurant itself. The menu here has an emphasis on classic Japanese dishes and also includes some new innovations. It is a small restaurant and it is best to reserve a table in advance if you can.

These are only a few of the outstanding restaurants you can find in Tokyo. The city is filled with great dining options, and you can also sample some cuisines from around the world including Italian, French, Indian, and Thai cuisine. Your choice of a restaurant will be based on your budget as well as your personal preferences – look for a well-regarded restaurant within your price range, remembering that not all great restaurants in Tokyo are expensive. You’ll find plenty of options in a mid-range or even budget range. Food stalls and shops serve fresh and vibrant cuisine, and you can also find excellent options in Japanese-style pubs.

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