10 Most Beautiful Places in Cambodia

When you visit Cambodia you never forget it – particularly when you visit the most beautiful places Cambodia has to offer. Cambodia is a friendly, welcoming country with a wealth of natural and cultural beauty. Here’s what to see when you want to experience the most beautiful sights in the country.

Where are the Most Beautiful Places in Cambodia?

Cambodia has quite a few natural landmarks and some stunning manmade attractions, chief of which is Angkor Wat. But the temples of Angkor Wat are not the only attractive highlights of Cambodia – the country is blessed with a rich abundance of a jungle, beautiful beaches, and some stunning countryside. Here are some places you just have to see when you visit Cambodia.

1) Sihanoukville

This town is set on the coast in the south of Cambodia. It is the most popular beach destination in the country and attracts all kinds of travelers from backpackers to those looking to stay in luxury accommodation. The setting is undoubtedly beautiful but there is also a lot going on, and a vibrant nightlife that attracts weekend visitors from the city.

10 Most Beautiful Places in Cambodia

2) Koh Ker

This ancient temple complex was once inaccessible to anyone but the hardiest adventurer, but now you can reach it from Siem Reap on a new road. There are over 40 structures in the complex, and the fact that many of them are still covered over with vegetation adds to their natural allure. One of the biggest temples is the 98-feet high Prasat Thom, which looks similar to ancient Mayan temples rather than the typical sites you see in Cambodia.

3) Kep

Before Sihanoukville, this was the most popular beach resort in Cambodia. Now it doesn’t attract the crowds, but it does still possess a quiet beauty. You don’t get the white sands here and instead, there are black rocks alongside swampy mangroves, and the beautiful island of Koh Tonsay can be accessed from the town.

4) Koh Tonsay

Which brings us onto Koh Tonsay itself. This is the perfect, most beautiful escape from civilization you can get in Cambodia. Also known as Rabbit Island, this place has no Wi-Fi and no hotels with air-conditioning, just rustic cabanas and some lovely restaurants on the shore. It is the ideal place to hole up for a few days and enjoy the sunsets and the laidback pace of life.

5) Chi-Phat

The collection of small villages located deep inside Koh Kong Province and the Cardamom Mountains is called Chi-Phat. The people here live off the land and also run some sustainable ecotourism facilities. The natural beauty of this area is unspoiled and you can enjoy many active pursuits in the great outdoors including cycling and kayaking. It is also a good place to come to see how traditional rural communities live in Cambodia.

6) Koh Rong

You couldn’t miss Koh Rong off the list of most beautiful places in Cambodia. It is a stunning island with clean white beaches and some of the clearest waters imaginable. The place is largely undeveloped, which adds to the relaxed vibe. The interior of the island is also perfect for explorations and you can trek, swim in natural pools, and watch the birds and wildlife.

7) Kratie

This beautiful small town is perfectly preserved and boasts some lovely French colonial properties along the riverside. You can also see some amazing sunsets here that light up the Mekong in the evening. The place is laidback and frienlaid back it is also a good place to stay to spot the rare Irrawaddy dolphins that live in the river just outside of the town.

8) Tonle Sap

This is the largest freshwater lake in the whole of Southeast Asia and it is a beautiful place to visit. It is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and there is a diverse range of ecology on display within its boundaries.

9) Mondulkiri

Come to the beautiful, peaceful area of Mondulkiri to spot some of the most endangered wildlife in Cambodia, and to hike in pristine surroundings among the hills, waterfalls, jungles, and wooded valleys. This is a wonderful place to get outdoors and experience some of the beauty of Cambodia’s natural surroundings.

10) Angkor Wat

And who could forget the most iconic of Cambodia’s beautiful places? Angkor Wat is a complex of amazing temples and is probably the main reason most people chose to visit Cambodia. The biggest temple, Angkor Wat, is the most popular and easily the most eye-catching from a distance, but there are countless other temples to explore. You should leave at least a day, and preferably two, to see just a small part of what this beautiful site has to offer.

10 Most Beautiful Places in Cambodia

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